Hay, Can You Dig It?

Encampment Dirt Diggers Garden Club is winner of the 7th Annual Hay Bale Sculpture Contest, will be presented award November 16 at PVAC Annual Meeting in Encampment

The 7th Annual Hay Bale Sculpture Contest, sponsored by the Platte Valley Arts Council (PVAC), concluded on October 31 with the award going to the newest group to enter the annual contest: the Encampment Dirt Diggers Garden Club.

The Annual Hay Bale Sculpture Contest began in 2016, when the PVAC challenged local ranches, businesses and families to get their creative juices flowing and make a “sculpture” with the predominant medium being hay bales. Other aspects could be incorporated such as wood, metal, wire, paint, canvas damns or any other medium the artists could dream up to add to their sc...


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