Encampment Tigers send Rock River Longhorns home with a loss

Tigers slam dunk Rock River, but the Rattlers took a bite

Friday the Encampment Tigers showed the Rock River Longhorns who was boss. With a final score of 62-39, there was not question who was on top of their game.

Kaben Pickett grabbed 12 points with 8 rebounds. Dash Baysinger scored 11 points for the Tigers and picked up 6 rebounds. Brayden Barkhurst had not trouble with the 8 points he scored, and assisted 7 times.

Unfortunately, Saturday didn't play out as well. The game against Little Snake River Valley Rattlers knocked the wind out of the Tigers.

The boys tried hard with Kaben Picket picking up 10 points with 11 rebounds, Gunner Knotwell grabbe...


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