Mudd Riots roar back to Life in Saratoga

Crowds watch as mud flies and tires burn

The Mudd Riots came back to life on August 27 at the Whistle Pig Saloon and the mud started flying at 11 a.m. With a crew of a dozen, never say never men and women, they put on a Mudd Riot that wowed the crowds.

The Mudd Riots began in 2020 during the pandemic.

The Pig Digger at the Whistle Pig was canceled because of the pandemic so a few brave souls dared to cross the line and create a new event, "The Mudd Riots". The response was better than expected and encouraged these amazing organizers to have a repeat performance.

The Mudd Riot event is still in its infancy but the 12 that are currentl...


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