Audit frustrations

Encampment mayor expresses frustration with state department

The Encampment Town Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on April 14 with Mayor Greg Salisbury in attendance along with council members Bill Craig, Shannon Fagan-Craig and Gary Stull.

Town Clerk/Treasurer Doreen Harvey went over the financials and, when she finished, the council approved paying the bills.

Loretta Hansen and Dawndette Spaulding came before the council and asked the Town to endorse a proclamation acknowledging National Crime Victims Rights Week. Hansen said the program works out of the Carbon County Sheriff’s Department and helps people who are victimized understand what their options are and who to contact for help in different situations (see “National Crime Victims Rights Week proclaimed” on page 5 of the April 21 Saratoga Sun).

Carbon County Sheriff Archie Roybal, who was in attendance, told the Council he was proud of the work Hansen and Spaulding did for the communities.

Encampment Police Chief Kevin Shue said he had worked with the program and found it beneficial.

“This program is valuable,” Shue said. “They offer counseling and other services which are really useful during a trying time for victims.”

After the presentation, the Town endorsed the proclamation.

Mother Mountain Anglers came before the council to ask for the Town’s annual support of the Tale of Two Cities disc golf tournament. 

They asked to use the town’s outdoor stage and park.The event will be held June 11 in Riverside and Encampment town parks.

Josh Craig, president of the organization, thanked the Town for its support.

“Thank you for doing this,” Salisbury said. “It has turned into a great event. Thanks to the group’s hard work.”

Dan Jago, chairman of the Sierra Madre Water and Sewer Joint Powers Board, said a major project this summer was to rehab the water tank. He said the job was being sent out for bid and the work would probably happen in summer. Jago acknowledged this was during high water use months but hoped the job would not be intrusive to the town. He estimated the job would be completed in a two week period and requested Encampment inititate the water plan agreement between the SMWS JPB and the Town.

Salisbury requested the town be informed when the project would commence.

Jon Nelson, North Fork Engineering, gave a status report on the sewer lagoon project. Nelson said he would be in meetings in the week to come where he could finalize the cost estimate for components. Once he got the information he would contact Harvey to know the results.

The council approved Brian Anderson of Platte Valley Forest Management be allowed up to eight hours at $150 an hour for woodpile cleanup.

Harvey asked the Council to transfer matching funds of $8,947 from the 2009 specific purpose tax. The council approved the transfer.

B. Craig said he believed the town needed to buy a new rotograder. He said the transmission wasn’t good and putting more money into the machine would not be worth it.

“It is pretty old,” Salisbury said. “We have had it forever.”

Public Works Director Bill Accord said he would research the costs of replacing the machinery.

Harvey said she was trying to find a new auditor but it was proving to be difficult. She said this was a problem across the state. The auditor which did respond told her the earliest they could be available was in January 2023 to complete the work but she needed them in October of 2022.

She indicated the cost of this firm would be $20,000 versus the $12,000 the town had been paying for several years. Harvey said the firm, if engaged, would write a letter explaining the delay to the State.

“I just wanted the council to know what was going on,” Harvey said. “But we can only do what we can.”

An amendment to Title 9.08 on alcoholic beverages passed second reading. A public hearing before the third and final reading will take place at the May council meeting.

A sewer tap application for 814 Barnett was approved.

The council passed a proclamation which stated the Town recognized April as Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month.

Pert Near Sandstone was the band approved to play at the 16th annual Music in the Park for $3,000.

Encampment’s Carbon County Visitors representative, John Farr, asked the council to approve the selection of Alex Gruenhagen to the member-at-large position. The council approved the candidate. Farr told the council new scenic byway signs were going up along Battle Pass. 

Cabinets for the water plant were approved for purchase at $1,026.16.

The purchase of gravel and road base from Plattoga Aggregates for $9,200 was tabled.

“I don’t mean to butt in on vendors but I want to say there was a quality issue in roadbase in Hanna,” Nelson said. “I would just say keep an eye on it. He can make pretty near to WYDOT’s spec road base if somebody is watching.”

Salisbury thanked Nelson and asked for research to be done.

The council approved the purchase of various tires from Big Bale Company for a total of $3,020.

Advertising for summer help was approved for the parks department.

Shue was approved to attend the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chief of Police Conference April 25 to 28.

Graduating senior banners were approved to be purchased. There are nine seniors and the cost will be $1,119.06. 

Five organizational contracts were approved. Pro-Start received $500, GEM Cowboy Gathering got $500, Muzzleloaders/Mountain Man Rendezvous received $500, Riverside Encampment Lions Club got $500 and Sage Brush Senior Center received $1,250.

When the Wyoming Department of Audit follow up letter came up, Salisbury made it clear he was not happy with the personnel who had come to Encampment.

“Encampment has been absolutely spotless but these young college graduates from this department have come up and made Doreen’s life miserable,” Salisbury said. “They keep coming back and they think these small towns need to pass proclamations and ordinances and all sorts of things to keep up with Casper and Cheyenne. This puts a huge burden on small towns andI just think it is out of control.”

Harvey said she is responding the best way she can. She said talking to other small municipality town clerks, they were in the same situation.

The fiscal year 2021/2022 budget ordinance amendment first reading was passed as was the fiscal year 2022/2023 budget ordinance first reading.

The next Encampment Town Council next regularly scheduled meeting will be at 7 p.m on May 12 at the Encampment Town Hall.


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