Dennis Healey

On March 16th, my husband, Dennis Healey's soul was released from his cancer riddled bodied to join his parents, Sherman and Jeanne Healey, brother Steve and a host of friends and four-legged fur babies waiting to greet him.Dennis was born with an overpowering thirst for knowledge. History and birds were his forte.  At the age of 30 he spent a year in the Flat Top Wilderness in Colorado in a lean-to he built.  Armed with his rifle and the supplies he would need for the year he had an adventure that would serve him well in the coming years.  On his walk out of the wilderness he found an arrowhead he carried with him moving forward.

Later in life he met me at the annual Mother's Day Kegger held in Eagle valley Colorado.  We swept each other off our feet and were engaged to be married on Memorial Day 2 weeks later.  Together our lust for life led us on many camping, fishing and hunting trips.  We enjoyed many adventures

His career as a journeyman carpenter allowed him to lead many crews in the Jackson Wyoming area. He was an artist with wood. He designed and built our passive solar home in Etna Wyoming.

Family members that touched his heart were our son Steven Crosby and soulmate Stephanie Roland, granddaughters Anastayzia and Danae Crosby. Sisters Lisa Carpenter, Teresa and Buddy Roark, Goddaughter Bessie Collette, adopted Father-in-law Jack Riddick, brother Mike and Carol Healey, many nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Our sanity patrol; I want to thank Kent and Carol Smith, Barbara and Allen Youngberg, Susan and Ron Munson, Rick and Lynn Troller for the food, quite listening, jokes and laughter.

 For going above and beyond coming to our rescue to sit with Dennis while I got medical treatment are Kathleen Swiston, Tanya and James Borden, Elicha Degner.

My husband was many things to many people but first and foremost he was honest.  There wasn't a topic he didn't know a little something about.  There was always a way to fix anything.  His mind traveled at warp speed to create an ingenious tool to make life easier. He was a true renaissance man.  I am forever grateful to have shared over 33 years with this man.

The current economy is hard on so many so on April 1st, wherever you are, I ask you raise a toast to Dennis, smoke a bowl, catch a fish or do all three.  Then at 7 PM your time, get out there and howl like we did during COVID shut down.

His ashes will be spread at his hunting camp in northwest Wyoming curtesy of Tim Manley acting as our guide at a later date.

Many of you reading this salute to my husband will have many memories to share.

I invite you to send those memories to me at PO Box 1289 Saratoga WY 82331. 

Love and respect to all,



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