Who is the Heart of The Valley

The past few weeks I have been privileged to meet so many interesting people in the Platte Valley. From people who have lived their entire lives here to people born in countries overseas who have found the Valley somehow.

Every community, no matter what size it is or how long it’s been around, has its influential people. The ones here just feel extra special. Many folks have hidden talents here, not to mention hearts of gold.

There are volunteer opportunities always available for many causes organized by locals. Multiple food banks and organizations are willing to help anyone in need no matter the circumstance. Free childrens clothes, help with bills and other assistance are all organized by caring people living right here.

Does your neighbor take care of the elderly, or happen to run a non profit organization? Do you know someone people in the community look up to and respect? For instance the owner of a well-loved local restaurant or a young mother whose activism has earned the trust of the people in her neighborhood.

A community can be described as a group of people who share something in common. Basically you need a bunch of people who are alike in some way, who feel some sense of belonging or connection. The shared attributes of the people here and the strength of the connections among them make our smaller communities a perfect place to live.

A series of small choices and everyday actions by those that call the Valley home make it an idyllic place to live. For instance waving at every passing car, yes even the out-of-state plates too. Shopping locally for small gifts, supporting local restaurant owners and stopping at roadside lemonade stands. All small acts of kindness which make our communities great.

Though it takes many people to build these loving communities, some folks tend to stand out. Someone who knows everyone and is seemingly adored by all. A person you could call anytime with an emergency knowing they would help you. I would like to talk to these folks and share their stories. Whether it be their life stories or experiences, why they continually choose to call the Valley home or just how they feel about current events.

These people tend to be the pillars in our community and are asked to do many things for our Valley because they are well known. Everyone seems to have something good to say about household names. The chill of winter is fast upon us and I’d like to bring some sunshine by doing a monthly section on the wonderful people of our small towns.

Learning more about the people who have made The Valley such a wonderful place to live certainly warms my heart. Reminding us even small acts of kindness can have a huge impact on the people around you. It’s always a joy to see familiar faces in town and have a short chat even while running errands.

Oftentimes it can be all too easy to forget the kindness we show each other every day in our Valley. Even a fast day trip out of town can quickly remind one how lucky we are to live in the area we do. Being around hateful crowds and running into rude people isn’t something you will find in our communities. Something that can be taken for granted until you are reminded not everyone gets to live the way we do.

Who do you think is the Heart of The Valley? Is there someone you enjoy seeing often and notice being involved in almost every event? I’d love to get in contact with them. You can recommend someone by sending their name and contact information. You can call the Saratoga Sun, send an email to [email protected] or stop me around town. I’d love to get recommendations from everyone about someone you feel is the Heart Of The Valley.


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