Medicine Bow tries to control traffic

High speed topic of discussion for Medicine Bow Town Council

At the February 8 meeting of the Medicine Bow Town Council, the audience and council members learned from town Marshal Dave Redding that trucks were not observing the 30 miles per hour speed limit through town.

“This past weekend, I gave out $2,100 in tickets,” Redding said. “I probably could have given out more, but I was called away by Highway Patrol for a good part of the weekend due to all the accidents.”

He said that Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) got back to him saying Medicine Bow had a speeding problem.

Redding said a feedback sign that tells drivers how fast they are going will probably not have much effect, according to WYDOT.

“The average was 57 miles per hour going through the 30 miles per hour zone. The fastest I have had since I have been here has been 101,” Redding said. “I would like to get the feedback signs anyway, because I think eventually it will help. WYDOT has approved them.”

A grant is being sought to pay for them by the Marshal’s office.

Ordinance 4-2020 was approved in its third reading. The ordinance allows for the collection of unpaid utility accounts and the recovery of collection costs.

“It allows us to charge a “not sufficient funds” fee on checks,” Clerk/Treasurer Karen Heath said.

The third reading Ordinance 5-2020 was approved. This ordinance establishes towns speed limits similar to state traffic codes.

There was a discussion on what to do with lots owned by the Cole family. The owner had passed away and the heirs had decided to stop paying utility bills. There is also a tax assessment due. There are nine lots in Medicine Bow Estates.

Heath said an option was to buy them and then sell them. Baimon was reluctant for the town to purchase them. She asked Heath to talk to the town lawyer about the different options to acquire them.

“I don’t want the town to become property owners of land we can’t sell or use,” Biamon said. “I would like to find out more information.”

The council agreed to table any action on the Cole lots until more was learned about the town’s responsibility if they bought them.

Resolution 2021 was approved which amended Chapter 5 Section 1 of the Personnel Manual concerning holiday pay. It was in reference to the Marshal’s office.

Resolution 2021-2 was approved amending Chapter 4 Section 2 of the Personnel Manual of Medicine Bow concerning overtime pay and again was in reference to the Marshal’s office.

Public Works Director Charlie George said that he got a quote from Corman Main for water meters. He said that for 150 meters the estimated cost is $68,000. George said there is money available.

The council approved replacing the current outdated meters.

George suggested bulk water rates should go up and limit how much construction companies can take. The council decided to put the subject on next month’s agenda.

The council approved a lift station pump replacement at the water treatment.

The Medicine Bow Museum is still waiting on a reply from the contractor who is supposed to move the Fossil Museum. He was recently sent a letter from the town’s lawyer.

The council approved the purchase of a used rescue truck for the fire department after Fire Chief Pete Andrews had found one. Andrews said Wade Maddox had fulfilled his probation and the council approved Maddox to be on the fire department.

The next scheduled meeting will be at 7 p,m. on March 8 at the Medicine Bow Community Hall.


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