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Hanna Town Council hears report on AML project


February 17, 2021

Joel James, Brierly Associates, gave a presentation on the status of the Abandoned Mines Land (AML) program in Hanna on February 9. He explained the purpose of the program was to mitigate hazards to public health and safety posed by abandoned mines, which Hanna has in abundance.

The program is funded by federal fees on current coal mining. He said final disbursement of AML funds ends in 2022, but that reclamation work will continue past 2022.

James said, in 2020, the completed mitigation projects were Area C Phase 1 (the Hanna Elementary School) and Hanna No. 1 (Power Pole).

James showed the work in slides on the Hanna Elementary School before and after.

He said a new mitigation project for Hanna would be the track and field area near the elementary school. The track will be entirely removed and then restored this summer.

James said the number of drilled boreholes was 747 in the Hanna area. The total drilling feet came to 159,507. The total grout used was 43,623 cubic yards.

Once James was finished, the council and Mayor Lois Buchanan thanked him for his time and insight to the work that has been done in the past two years.

South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Services (SCWEMS) Director Melissa Sikes told the council they were still interviewing for a southern station manager. She said the personnel manual was being worked on. The ambulance that had been in the shop for two years had been delivered.

The Carbon County Visitors Council representative told the council said the board met in Saratoga. He said grants had been presented and the board had voted on which ones to fund.

Pam Paulson, chairman of the Hanna Basin Museum Board, said the World War I monument was being repaired. She asked if the town would consider paying for the service gas lines to heat the cottage and the Victor Anderson building. She said the heaters were already installed. She estimated the cost to come in at $2,080.

Donna Pipher, Cemetery Board, also reported for the Hanna Housing Board. She said all vehicles that had been problems with parking had been resolved. She said the board was now full for the first time.

The next regular meeting of the Hanna Town Council will be March 9, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hanna Town Hall.


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