Creed James appointed mayor

Vacancy declared on council

After nearly five months without a mayor, the Saratoga Town Council has finally appointed a member of the governing body to fill the vacancy. On January 5, recently elected council member Creed James was appointed just minutes after being sworn in to the town council.

The vote to appoint James passed 3-0-1 with James abstaining from the vote.

The appointment of James as mayor comes after two meetings in which both he, Councilmember Ben Spaulding and Lindy Glode, a former Carbon County Commissioner, urged for the appointment of now former Councilmember D'Ron Campbell. While elected to a four year term on the council, James will fill the unexpired two year term of mayor until the 2022 election.

Following James' appointment to mayor, in which he was sworn in by Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Keel, a vacancy was declared on the council for James' seat. While it was stated that the position would be to fill a four year term, Wyoming State Statute 15-1-107(c) states whoever is appointed by the governing body shall serve "until his successor is elected at the next general municipal election and qualified". That may mean that whoever is appointed to the now vacant council seat will serve two years instead of four until the 2022 election.

The Saratoga Sun will have more in the January 13 print edition.


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