FFA helps build haunted house

Hanna students work with Town of Hanna and Hanna Recreation Center for Hannaween


November 4, 2020

Mike Armstrong

Charlee Solaas has bloody hands as she gets ready to smear windows with the goo.

The Hanna Recreation Center was a flurry of activity on Wednesday evening as student volunteers from the FFA and the schools in Hanna got together to create a different type of haunted house for Halloween.

In years past, residents would wander through the recreation center into a different scary rooms. Due to COVID concerns, rooms were still being decorated but the idea was for guests to look in. The theme was a scary hospital.

Mike Armstrong

Anthony Solaas makes a homemade electric chair for the "Haunted Hospital" at the Hanna Rec. Center.

The FFA usually helps with decoration but, this year, they also worked with the Town to put on a Halloween parade. Besides having a float and vehicles from the FFA, they coordinated with the fire department and law enforcement to have the caravan go through the town of Hanna and then finish up in the parking lot of the Hanna Recreation Center. In the parking lot, the vehicles parked and gave out treats before attendees went into the recreation center to enjoy the haunted hospital scenes the kids put together.

The volunteers were not only decorating the center for Halloween and getting ready for the parade, they were also going into character for the hospital horror scenes.

"This is going to be great," Charlee Solaas said as she put fake blood on her hands to smear on the dissected body on the operating table.

When Saturday rolled around and families came to enjoy what the Hanna Recreation Center had put forth, Solaas' words were "dead" on.


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