Auditors issue qualified opinion

Examination of Fiscal Year 2019/2020 addresses multiyear use of restricted funds as unrestricted

At the July 21 meeting of the Saratoga Town Council, the governing body voted 3-0 to officially accept the audit of Fiscal Year 2019/2020 by new auditors Carver, Florek and James (CFJ). Councilmember Bob Keel was not in attendance.

As was previously reported (see “Audit accepted, questions remain” on page 1 of the July 29 Saratoga Sun), Councilmember Jon Nelson asked Councilmember Judy Welton and Mayor John Zeiger how they proposed to address some of the findings in the audit. Both Welton and Zeiger stated that they would prefer to wait until Keel was present to provide his input.

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