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Platte Valley Arts Council awards scholarship

Encampment senior Kassidy Barr recipient of Gabe Springsteen Memorial Scholarship


Since 1993, the Platte Valley Arts Council has been enriching the quality of life in the area and expanding educational opportunities for all forms of the arts, whether it is music, literature, dance, visual arts, or theater. It’s mission is to “to foster awareness of and participation in any form of the arts, with the aim of developing vibrant and cohesive communities.” The arts council’s purpose is to keep Art in our everyday lives.

In the year 2000, the arts council began awarding scholarships to high school seniors who demonstrated that art currently is, and will continue to be, an important part of their life. Later, the arts council added two more scholarships. The very first scholarship of $500 went to Gabe Springsteen, who was a very talented musician and acoustic guitar player. He went to school to become a luthier, or stringed instrument maker. Just a few years after his graduation, Gabe was killed in a tragic auto accident, so future scholarships were appropriately named after him.

The Platte Valley Arts Council’s Gabe Springsteen Memorial Scholarship of $500 was awarded to Encampment K-12 graduate Kassidy Barr.

Kassidy shared the reason she felt that the arts would continue to be integral to her future and wrote: “Art lets me express myself in ways that nothing else allows me to ... You are free to do whatever you want and in this world, sometimes that is hard to do.”


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