Spring forward on Sunday

Set clocks forward one hour on March 8 as Daylight Savings Time begins

The Saratoga Sun would like to remind all of our readers to set their clocks forward on Sunday, March 8 for the start of Daylight Savings Time.

In a related legislative note, House Bill 44, the Mountain Daylight Time Preservation bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 32-27-1 and has been received by the Senate for introduction.

Should it pass the Senate and be signed by Governor Mark Gordon, Wyoming would still comply with Daylight Savings Time unless similar legislation was passed in Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado. If those four states were to pass such legislation, the governor would be permitted to contact the United States Secretary of Transportation and request transfer to the Central Standard Time Zone.

Upon approval by the Secretary of Transportation for such a transfer, the uniform time within Wyoming would be known as Mountain Daylight Saving Time, unless a different name were selected by the surrounding four states.

For now, though, don’t forget to “spring ahead” on Sunday.


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