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Hanna Town Council accepts bid for new police vehicle


January 22, 2020

The Hanna Town Council met at 6 p.m. on January 14 at the Hanna Town Hall for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. All council members were present with the exception of council member Tracy Fowler.

Before the actual meeting started, the council went over the bids for the new police vehicle. The money for the new truck came from impact funds given to the town by the Wyoming Industrial Siting Council.

It was a full house and several members in the audience asked if the new vehicle was necessary.

Hanna Marshall Jeff Neimark answered the crowd by saying that one of the current law enforcement vehicles was going into the shop and it was necessary to have one more since the town had two full time officers and a part time officer.

Mayor Lois Buchanan, who had been an officer for the town years prior, said she was in full support of purchasing a new vehicle. Buchanan said, when she was an officer, much of the equipment was outdated and made the job difficult.

After the three bids were discussed, the town council started its meeting at 6:20 p.m.

The agenda and minutes from the December 11 meeting were approved. The reports from the different town boards were next.

Council member Bob Patton said the High Country Joint Powers Board had met on January 2 and that bins had been ordered for the different towns. Hanna still has to get a number to the board (See “Bin there” on page 2 of the January 15 Saratoga Sun).

Larry Korkow, public works director, said most of the work has been keeping up with the heavy snowfall. He said the budget was getting drained quickly and it was possible there might be a shortfall if the weather kept at its intensity.

David Sutter said the water treatment plant was going well and that the pipes that had recently been fixed were saving money. He said last year the town had pumped 115 million gallons while this year 65 million gallons had been used.

The report from the Marshal said December had been a quiet month compared to months before. Neimark said the snow might have been a factor. He said warnings had been given to a few residents about moving their cars off the streets during snow storms. Neimark said there might have to be fines given to make residents follow through since it made plowing much more difficult.

Neimark reiterated the need for the new vehicle.

Vivian Gonzales, director of the Hanna Recreation Center told the council the rec center had reopened that day after being closed for a month for water damage from busted pipes (See “Hanna Recreation Center reopens” on page 13 of the January 15 Saratoga Sun).

“As bad as it was, it could have been much, much worse,” Gonzales said.

The museum board told the council that they had received a grant from Bridge Street Bargains to purchase a spool/thread holder that had been documented to have come from the Hanna department store.

Mark Kostouny, Hanna fireman, told the council he was there to remind people the department existed.

“At our last meeting we decided we should have a representative come to the town council to remind residents we are still here,” Kostouny said. “We can still use volunteers.”

He said the fire department in the past year had answered 70 calls.

“We did have a significant fire this year, but fortunately we had a good response that day, and were able to get it under control,” Kostouny said. “So you do have a fire department and we are very capable.”

After the reports had been approved, the financials were approved.

The lowest bid for the Hanna Marshal’s pursuit rated police vehicle was accepted from Bradley Barr dealership out of Cheyenne. The price was $34,710.

Change order number one for Six Point Solutions for the 2019 South Jefferson water main replacement project was approved. Pay application number three for Six Point Solutions for the 2019 South Jefferson water main replacement project was approved.

Pay application number 10 from 71 Construction for the Elmo, Old Town water line replacement project was approved. Craig Kopasz from Engineering Associates told the council there was still a performance bond in place as not all the work was complete. It will be finished when the weather improves.

The council approved the Hanna Basin Historical Society to put in a tea garden at the cottage building and erect a sign with the hours.

Lori Freytag was approved for renewal to the Hanna Recreation Board. The mayor thanked Freytag for her service.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is at 6 p.m. on February 11 at the Hanna Town Hall.


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