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'Twas the Night Before Yule


December 25, 2019

Author’s Note: I have always been a fan of theology and mythology, as well as the various influences of what we now know as Christmas. Odin, for example, is just one of three influences for Santa Claus; the other two being Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas. With that in mind, and feeling of a jolly mood this holiday, I present the following poem.

‘Twas the night before Yule, when all through Midgard

Not a creature was stirring, the snow was unmarred

The Allfather, Odin, was charing along on his steed

Looking for blood upon which Gungnir could feed.

Sleipner’s eight legs pounded the ground

Odin feared that no decent foe would be found

When up on the horizon standing defiant

Stood Ymir, the terrible frost giant.

Odin spurred his horse, charging ahead

He was certain that by dawn Ymir would be dead

The Allfather raced across the frozen land

Only to be cast aside by the swipe of one giant hand.

The god stood up and wiped blood from his beard

He cursed through his teeth, it was just as he feared

He couldn’t do it alone, there was only one thing to do

He needed the help of Jesus Christ and his kung-fu.

Odin dashed down to Jerusalem to look for the carpenter

And found him standing in a trial as arbiter

“Come with me, son of Yahweh

Up to the North! We have giants to slay!”

Jesus made his decision and followed Odin in a flash

He knew he could take down a giant with a Messiah Slash

Christ landed alongside the Allfather in the cold snow

Ready to deal Ymir a deadly blow.

With their combined godly might

The two were now prepared for a fight

They dashed forward with their teeth bared

And the frost giant knew what it meant to be scared.

Shards of ice flew high into the air

As the two fought together with divine flair

A matter of minutes and the battle was at an end

And brought a new meaning to the word “godsend.”

Let us not forget the reason for this night

When Odin and Jesus paired up for a fight

To send Ymir on his way to Hell

And leaving us with a great story to tell.


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