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What makes America great?


December 25, 2019

The Constitution of the United States makes this nation truly great. Created in order to revise the Articles of Confederation, and ratified in 1788, the Constitution has withstood the test of time. As the oldest surviving national constitution, this document has become a true beacon to the glories of our great country. The United States Constitution is one of our nation’s greatest achievements. It not only guarantees several rights, it also provides room to grow and change, while still preventing any unnecessary or troubling changes.

During the creation of the Constitution, there were different groups that opposed and defended it. On one side was the Federalist party, which advocated heavily for the ratification of the new document. On the other was the Anti-Federalist party, who argued against the implementation of the Constitution. In order to appease the Anti-Federalists and ratify the Constitution, a series of amendments were proposed. With what is now known as the Bill of Rights, the Constitution was ratified by 11 of the original 13 states.

These first ten amendments guaranteed many rights for the American people. Since then, many others have been added to its ranks. Not all of these were beneficial; however, the good has outweighed the bad. For the most part, the design of the Constitution has ensured any new amendments are good for the country as a whole.

As of January of 2019, there were approximately 11,770 proposals to amend the Constitution. Only 33 of that number have moved into the ratification process. And only 27 of those have actually been ratified. Our country is great because of the way our Constitution was created, ensuring only the best ideas move through to improve our country. Out of all the corruption that has and will be present in politics, the Constitution makes certain the governing body can stay strong even when the people in it are not.

In recent times, the country seems to be fighting itself. Those of different political beliefs tear each other down in every aspect. But even when everyone seems to be divided, the Constitution stands strong. Though there is much hatred, the way our country is structured ensures that even in the midst of fighting, there is stability. I have never been particularly fond of the government, especially as of now, when all anyone wants to do is shout louder than the rest. However, I still have faith in this country because of the beliefs and ideals it was founded on. The Constitution hold true to the same convictions today as when it was created. What makes America great is the ideology the nation holds at its core.

The freedom of the press. Religion. Speech.

The right to bear arms.

The guarantee to due process in a court of law.

All these are given to us through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our nation is great because even through any turmoil we endure, these inalienable rights are always there.

And at the end of the day, we are still united through one simple phrase.

“We the People, of the United States”


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