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HES robotics team has great time in Casper, majority look forward to next year


December 18, 2019

Photos courtesy Jason Greenway

There were 50 teams competing at the FIRST Lego Leaugue competition and HES students were happy to be there to compete.

By Mike Armstrong

The Hanna Elementary School's robotic team sent 10 students to Casper on Dec. 6 -7 to compete in the Wyoming FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) LEGO League Robotics Competition. (See "Putting Hanna Elementary FIRST" on page 9 of the Dec. 4 Saratoga Sun).

It was their first time going to the event and for some students, it was their first time in Casper. All enjoyed the experience, but most agreed the size of the venue with over 50 teams from all over the state made them nervous.

"When we got to Casper and saw how big it all was, it made me a little nervous," Lance Pelt said. "The practices were really fun, but the crane movement was really hard. Only three cranes got over the bridge."

Derek Young agreed it had moments to be intimidating.

"I was excited to go to Casper for the robotics meet, and definitely nervous because the room was huge." Young said. "Some kids might not like it, but I definitely will be in it next year."

Corbin Williams got past the jitters.

"I liked going to Casper because I got to be with all my friends," Williams said. I did get nervous, but Mr. Greenway (principal of HES) said we were there to have fun, so I kept that in mind."

Lily Borah and Jaxon Davies concurred.

Destiney May said it was not only fun, but more importantly it was an excellent experience. She looks forward to the class next year.

The event was fun but for some going to Casper was the treat.

"Going to Casper was pretty great," Elissa Hardy said. "I had never been before and I got to meet a lot of new people."

Tristan Williams agreed.

"It was great, I really liked the experience and it was fun to be with my friends," Tristan said. "I would recommend this for other kids."

Photos courtesy Jason Greenway

Left to right, Destiney May, Lance Pelt and Lily Borah get the robot crane prepped to do its mission

Conner Konrath said he saw many people and was a little wary about spending the night in Casper but, after the event, he looks forward to doing it next year.

Gideon Hendricks said not only was going to the event fun but he thought the team did really well for the first time competing.

Pelt was the only student unsure if he would do it next year.

"I might do it next year, but because there are only so many spots, I might let another kid have a shot, because it is really fun," Pelt said. "I don't want any kid to miss out on this when I already got the chance. It is really worth it."

Principal Jason Greenway, who escorted the students to Casper, said there were a lot of rules and regulations, but that the students got better and better as the event progressed.

"I am looking forward to next year myself," Greenway said. "The kids were right, it was a lot of fun."


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