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What Makes America Great?


December 4, 2019

The great nation we are today depends on three ideas: democracy, rights, and opportunity. Two important documents gave us independence and order. Then, throughout history, many significant people helped maintain the democracy we have today. It is this democracy that gives us the freedom and rights we will have forever. Without this freedom, we would be without the opportunity to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, which is what makes America great.

Democracy is the foundation of the USA. Documents like The Declaration of Independence allowed us freedom and The Constitution gave us order by supplying laws.

People throughout history gave us chances, like George Washington who led the war that freed the colonies. Abraham Lincoln gave us hope during the Civil War and ended slavery. Susan B. Anthony helped give women the same rights as men. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped give rights to African-Americans. These people and documents have stabilized the foundation America stands on.

Freedom and rights allowed us to change history, and without them the country would be very different. Without freedom of speech, the United States would not be as open-minded. The right to bear arms allows some people to protect themselves. Without the right to vote we wouldn’t have leaders. The right to trial allows people to have a chance to be free. All these freedoms and rights helped us become the great nation we are today.

Opportunity supplies us with chances. Like when Martin Luther King, Jr. took the chance to stand against racism. The opportunity to follow your dreams is important because without it America would not be the same. Just think of what our country would be like without Mark Zuckerburg’s dream of connecting people across distances. The opportunity to persevere is a chance that we all get. Thankfully Bill Gates never gave up on his innovative ideas. The opportunity to be prosperous is something everyone has. Like Cornelius Vanderbilt, who started out poor but worked hard to be prosperous in life. Opportunity has changed lives in the past and it will keep changing them throughout time.

Because of our democracy, everyone has a voice. Without freedom and opportunities, we would not be the nation that we are destined to be. Democracy, rights, and opportunity are what makes America the best nation. The great nation we are today depends on these ideas and I can’t imagine living in a country without them.


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