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Saratoga Native Sets Record

Wesley Beach deadlifts over 700 pounds in Las Vegas


November 27, 2019

Photo courtesy Wesley Beach

Record setting deadlift at the WABDL World Championships

Wesley Beach, Saratoga native, set a world record in deadlifting at the 2019 World Association of Benchers and Deadlifters (WABDL) World Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada on Nov.13. 

He became interested in weight lifting when he was part of the Judo club while he was attending Saratoga High School. Wesley competed in Olympic level Judo for 20 years and was ranked very highly in the U.S. He retired from Judo competitions at the age of 41.

After he retired from Judo, Wesley said that he became bored and needed a new sport, so he took up powerlifting. As a fireman, he was already lifting weights at the gym in the fire house where he works in Mountain Home, Idaho. It was a natural transition. 

Wesley is also the head coach of the powerlifting club and would like everyone to know that he only competes in drug free competitions. He feels that it is important for kids to know that there are drug free federations out there.

Every time he breaks a record, he is tested. If anyone is inspired to start powerlifting competitively, look for the federations that announce there will be drug testing at the event. As for advice for those who would like to start competing, "First get rid of your ego, get a good coach, start small and build from there" said Wesley. 

Deadlifting competitions are feats of strength. The lifter faces the front of the platform with the bar laid horizontally in front of the lifters feet, gripped in both hands and lifted until the lifter is standing erect. The lifter has three attempts to do their best and the lifter with the most weight wins.

He has been doing competitive weight lifting for 10 years now. According to Wesley he has won 10 Idaho state championships, holds 27 state records and three American records. 

Wesley qualified for the World Championships in June at a competition in Boise, Idaho by deadlifting exactly 700 pounds. This was the first time he had managed to break the 700 pound barrier, a personal best. 

At the World Championships in Las Vegas, Wesley set a new record for deadlifting at 703 pounds. He competed in the 50 and over category as well as the open category, both of which he won.

His reaction to winning? "I was very excited. You go in wanting it, but you don't expect it. It was really nice. A very good day...What's fun is, I'm 50 years old, so I won the 50 and over category but I also entered the open category, which is any age and I beat the young guys, too. That was a little more fun." said Wesley. 

Donna Beach, Ryan Park resident and Wesley's mother, was also extremely excited and proud of her son. This competition was the first one his family was able to see live as it was streamed on the internet. 

When asked how tough the competition in Las Vegas was, Wesley had this to say, "Its as tough as gravity makes it. It's not really a competition against others, it's always a competition against yourself and gravity. You go for personal records." 

Wesly would like to send a big thank you to his powerlifting club and his entire family for being very supportive. 

He doesn't plan on stopping powerlifting any time soon. His future goal is to be the oldest man to ever lift 800 pounds. 


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