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Tigers get a windy win

Encampment football hosts NCHS sophomores for 40-point victory, prepare for final game of season


October 23, 2019

Joshua Wood

Dalton Peterson stays ahead of defense for a 71 yard return.

The strong Saturday winds that brought in the snowstorm on Sunday appeared to work in favor of the Encampment Tigers as they hosted their second game, against the Natrona County High School (NCHS) sophomores. 

"For the second straight week the team came out, started fast and defended their home field," said Kegan Willford, head coach of the Encampment Tigers.

Throughout the game, the Tigers would score double digits while keeping NCHS to single digits. In the first quarter, a 10 yard pass from Reid Schroeder to Dalton Peterson gave Encampment their first touchdown while a point-after-touchdown and a safety put the Tigers at 10 points in the beginning of the game.

"I thought we had great execution of our running and passing games," Willford said. "Our run blocking continues to improve and it showed during this game."

A 12 yard rush from Peterson put Encampment at 16 points before the end of the first quarter, though the young Mustangs would also score a touchdown. The Tigers, however, would ensure that they maintained their lead over the NCHS sophomores. In the second quarter, the Tigers would rush a total of 33 yards between Koye Gilbert and Schroeder with both resulting in touchdowns. Also in the second quarter, an interception and 71 yard return by Peterson put Encampment at 34-6 just before halftime.

The NCHS sophomores would go the entire second quarter without scoring.

"Defensively, I thought we did a better job tackling our opponents on first contact than we did a week ago," said Willford.

Joshua Wood

Caysen Barkhurst puts his head down as he attempts to keep the NCHS sophomores from tackling him during the home game on Saturday.

In the second half of the game the young Mustangs would continue to work to get on the scoreboard, but couldn't keep up with Encampment. Two passes from Schroeder, one to Peterson and one to Kelton Koehn, added another 13 points for the Tigers.

In the fourth quarter, Gilbert continued to help get Encampment ahead of the NCHS sophomores with an 11 yard rush and a 59 yard return following an interception. As the game ended, the Tigers were ahead 40 points with a final score of 59-19.

"I'm really proud of the team. Even though we aren't eligible for the playoffs this year, it hasn't stopped them from giving it their all each game," Willford said. "The team is really excited for one last chance to defend their home field on Wednesday."

The Encampment Tigers will host the Cheyenne East sophomores at 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 23 in Encampment for their final game of their first season.


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