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Airport questions


October 2, 2019

Dear Editor,

I have read with interest the latest news (Sept. 25) about Saratoga finances and the questions being raised by council member Mr. Jon Nelson. I also ready with interest the week before about the $80,000 being the responsibility of Saratoga to pave the airport parking.

I would like to ask three simple questions:

1. To begin with, why is Mr. Lance Grubb, as representative of the airport board, say he is sure he could come up with $80,000 within the “community” of Saratoga or County budgets? The majority of Saratoga town residents do not, to my knowledge, own large personal jets and fly in and out of the airport like the Conquistadors or the wealthy clients of the corporate hospitality guest ranches.

2. Secondly, I have been told, in times past, that the town does not have the money to re-pave our streets (Texas Trail, Condict Ct. as one example). Reading what went on at the Sept. 25 council meeting, it sounded like Jon Nelson was questioning whether the town had any money at all. If the town does not have the money to re-pave its own streets why is $80,000 of the town’s money being considered to pave the airport for someone else’s primary use—when we don’t even have the $80,000 to begin with?

3. Thirdly, why are the primary users of the airport, namely those corporate hospitality businesses whose very business model depends on the airport to fly in their wealthy clients, not the ones to pay this $80,000 for the paving? I seriously questioned whether $80,000 would even move the needle on their expense sheets considering the land expansion and new facilities.

I very much applaud Mr. Jon Nelson for digging in and questioning the finances of the town and the use of such funds. The road to ruin of either a town or company is usually the result of those in charge simply glossing over the accuracy of finance reports or the most practical use of those finances. It is my hope the mayor and the entire council will to continue to approach the matters with due diligence.

Ralph R. Hicks


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