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HBM to unveil new building

Hanna Museum will host open house for new addition to collection


September 18, 2019

Mike Armstrong

The Hanna Basin Museum is having a grand opening of its newest building on Sept. 25 in the early evening.

The newest building at the Hanna Basin Museum is opening officially to the public from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 25. It is the largest of the three buildings on the museum's grounds.

Unlike the two other buildings that are a part of the museum, it was constructed in this century.

Mike Armstrong

The oldest fire truck in Hanna has been keeping residence in the newest Hanna Basin Museum building.

The first building to house the Hanna Basin Museum was the Hanna Community Hall, also known as Linden Hall it was built in 1890 in Hanna as a saloon by its proprietor, John Linden, to serve coal miners in the area. When prohibition was established, it became a pool hall operated by John Thomas. After Thomas' death in the 1920s it became the small town's community center. It was renovated in 1931. The Hanna Community Hall was listed on the National Historic Register on Nov. 26, 1983.

The second building is a restored Union Pacific Coal Company cottage dating from 1890. Inside are furnishings from the 1920s and it gives an understanding of what workers lived in during the town of Hanna's early years. The new building was built to house new displays and exhibits from artifacts that the museum is receiving from local residents. It currently houses the first Hanna fire engine.

At the grand opening refreshments will be served.

The location of the Hanna Basin Museum is 502 Front St.


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