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Colman bows out

Medicine Bow mayor resigns at Monday meeting


September 11, 2019

Mayor Kevin Colman resigned at the Medicine Bow Town Council meeeting on Monday at the Medicine Community Hall. Colman is moving to Montana at the end of the month.

Colman came to office 10 years ago under similar circumstances. He was a new council member that was selected to be mayor by the council when the mayor at the time resigned.

Karla Denzin, President of the Council, will be acting mayor until Thursday evening when the Medicine Bow Town Council will select a mayor from the sitting council.

UPDATE (Sept. 10, 2019 at 5:12 p.m.)

After press time, the Saratoga Sun was informed that Karla Denzin, President of the Council and acting Medicine Bow mayor, had resigned. The meeting originally scheduled for Thursday evening will now include selecting a new mayor and President of the Council as well as the passage of a resolution to declare a vacancy on the council.


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