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HART Gardens winds down

Agricultural team prepares for fall, winter , plans for Christmas


September 4, 2019

Mike Armstrong

Most of the plots that had gardens this summer are still producing their bounty.

The Hanna Agricultural Resource Team (HART) came together at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 27 at the Hanna Market.

Perry Goodrich, chairman of HART, told the members present, the cleanup on July 27 was successful. He said the next cleanup around the garden was slated for Sept. 28.

Linda Goodrich, secretary for the organization, said the mayor was looking into getting water onto the site through water container trucks.

L. Goodrich and Rose Dabbs, HART member, told the group they were looking to compile lists of flowers and pictures of English gardens that were once common in Hanna. They were doing this to help the Hanna Basin Museum, which had asked HART to put in an English garden at the cottage.

"I believe Holyhock are in the pictures," Dabbs said. "But I am not sure what else they were growing and we want to be totally true to the history."

She said back when these gardens were in existence, there were competitions in the town on who had the best.

Dabbs and L. Goodrich said they would try to attend the next Hanna Basin Museum board meeting to find out how large the garden plot was to be and if there were any lists of flowers available.

P. Goodrich said he wanted HART to be in the winter craft show that is held at the Hanna Recreation Center, but needed to confirm the dates.

"We should also consider trying to work with the recreation center during Christmas," P Goodrich said. "I think if we combined what we do, it might benefit both."

Mike Armstrong

Having water on site has been an issue this summer that HART is working to resolve.

HART has had Christmas parties for the past two years that have been well attended by children of the town.

"I think we could raise our profile in the community if we worked with the rec center," P. Goodrich said. "And we wouldn't have to worry about conflicting dates which has happened in the past."

Dabbs suggested a sleigh ride during the Christmas party.

"A tractor hayride might be more likely," P. Goodrich said.

It was suggested that Christmas carolers could go on the hayride and serenade the town.

All at the meeting thought this was an excellent idea.

P. Goodrich said he would look into getting a tractor and wagon.

"I think that would be fun," P. Goodrich said.

The next scheduled HART meeting is at 5:30 on Sept. 24 at the Hanna Market.


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