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Riverside Town Council discusses overloaded trucks, party day, mosquitoes and more


The Riverside Town Council met at 6 p.m. on Thursday at the Riverside Town Hall with council member Fred Lorenz absent.

The meeting started with a public hearing for a liquor license application for Desi L. Vacher and JoElla Vacher, who recently purchased The Mangy Moose. There was no public opposition and the public hearing was closed. The council approved the liquor license.

The minutes for the regularly scheduled meeting on June 11 were approved.

The financials were next on the agenda and approved.

Mayor Leroy Stephenson said the renovation on the old town hall was almost complete.

Stephenson said he would not be able to attend the Carbon County Council of Governments on July 17 in Dixon. No other council member could attend.

Jan Cook, town clerk, asked the council why trucks were carrying loads that had containers marked sand box.

Stephenson said it was for trucks involved with drilling. He then commented many of the trucks using the road were overloaded and they were destroying the roads.

“I wish there was law enforcement sitting there as these trucks come into town so they could be ticketed since the operators don’t seem to care,” Stephenson said. “These trucks keep it up, that road is going to become gravel.”

Council member Katie Cheesbrough said the town park was getting ready for Riverside Party Day that is being held Aug. 17.

Stephenson said he was informed by Lorenz the new road groomer had been delivered.

Council member Ed Golden said that the hole on 1st street was slated to be repaired.

Concerning mosquitoes, Cook said there were few.

“I haven’t seen any mosquitoes so far,” Cook said.

Shirley Miller, representative from the Grand Encampment Cowboy Gathering, thanked the town by letter for the town’s support.

Stephenson read a letter from the Carbon County Visitors Council explaining the new policies for grants (see CCVC announces new grant policy, page 14 on July 10 in Saratoga Sun).

Consensus funding for the Rick Martin Memorial Park had the monies to focus on tree work instead of purchasing equipment.

The 2nd reading of Chapter 6 Supplemental Regulations, section 15 on shipping containers and intermodal freight containers was approved.

Cook said she had heard nothing concerning installing security cameras for the town hall.

Stephenson said the old town hall renovation included needing to get rid of an old metal desk that had outlived its usefulness. The council approved junking the desk.

A blanket voucher for the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 not to exceed $57,000 was approved.

Cook said she would be learning Quickbooks by phone tutorial in the coming week.

The council approved a contract for the town to fund a $600 scholarship for Encampment Preschool.

Resolution 2019-2 was approved for establishing uniform procedures, costs and charges for inspection.

The next Riverside Town Council is at 6 p.m. on Aug. 8 at the Riverside Town Hall.


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