Saratoga is famous too!


Saratoga is in the national news, again!

Okay, technically it’s Brush Creek Ranch, but I think we can still count this as a win.

It turns out that Karlie Kloss—I have no idea who she was until I did a Google search to be honest—and Joshua Kushner—brother of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner—recently visited the luxury ranch for a 2nd celebration of their wedding. Among those other famous faces joining them were Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry and Mila Kunis.

This isn’t the first time famous people have visited the Valley. Although, do they count as famous if I have to do a Google search to find out who they are? Maybe it means there are too many famous people.

I digress.

Brush Creek Ranch has played host to two Kushners now, having become the Passover destination for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. The ranch has also played host to other big name celebrities in the past. Country music artist Reba McEntire celebrated her wedding anniversary there in 2011 and Allison Williams, actress and daughter of news anchor Brian Williams, had her wedding at the ranch in 2015.

Heck, Brush Creek Ranch even made it to No. 4 on Buzzfeed’s list of “17 Celebrity Wedding Venues You May or May Not Want to Check Out.”

Inclusive resorts like Brush Creek Ranch are becoming more and more popular. If you ever want to know why, it is worth your time to read “The Disappeared” by C.J. Box as it does a pretty good job of explaining it.

I don’t expect Orlando Bloom to ever descend from his visit at Brush Creek Ranch to eat a steak at the Hotel Wolf or drink some whiskey at Firewater. Katy Perry may not ever walk into the Grumpy Italian. Mila Kunis will likely not book a romantic date for her and Ashton Kutcher at Bella’s Bistro. After all, that’s the point of these inclusive resorts, right?

That being said, they absolutely should try these places.

So, what does this do for Saratoga? PLENTY!

On Instagram, where all the cool kids gather now, Bloom shared a photo from Brush Creek Ranch to his 2.6 million followers and Kloss did the same to her 8.2 million followers. Just like I have to use Google to find out some of the newer celebrities, fans of them can do so to find out where Brush Creek Ranch is in Wyoming. This, in turn, gets the Valley in front of even more eyes.

If the sheer amount of jets that come in and out of Shively Airfield on a daily basis and the rich and famous that come to enjoy what the Valley has to offer doesn’t show that tourism is a big industry, then I don’t know what will.

Since the Kloss-Kushner affair, features on Brush Creek Ranch have appeared on the website for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, INSIDER, W Magazine and Huffington Post. Each of them mention Saratoga, in some way or another, as being where the luxury ranch is located

On the off chance that you are reading this because you Googled, well, any of what I’ve just written, consider this your formal invite to the Valley. We have 2.2 million acres of National Forest, two Blue Ribbon fisheries, free hot springs and some really great food.

Hope to see you soon!


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