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Always play to the whistle

HEM graduate quarterbacks Wyoming team in the Wyoming/Nebraska Shootout


Photo courtesy Tylor Goodro

Tylor Goodro in his Wyoming uniform.

The shootout between Wyoming and Nebraska had a recent Carbon County School District No. 2 (CCSD2) graduate quarterback as part of the game on June 15 held at Chadron State University in Nebraska. Wyoming won 52-50 in a game that was decided in the final seconds and is 5-3 in the shootout since it started.

That graduate is Tylor Goodro.

Goodro was happy to be selected. He said he had hoped, after a successful junior year at Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow (HEM) High School, he would be on track this year to be in the running to be one of the players picked for the shootout. During that season, he led the state in passing yards for six man. Still, he said he knew a good year had to happen in his senior year.

The shootout is only open to seniors.

"I had a good junior year, but I think this season helped because we started out being ranked 5th and we went undefeated in the regular season," Goodro said. "It took about the fifth week in the season before anybody was paying attention to us. Eventually, defensively we were ranked number one and overall we were ranked behind Farson at number two."

Goodro has been playing football since he was in 6th grade. He said over the years he has played just about every position in the game. He said his ability to play so many positions might have also helped in his selection.

"The majority of players came from Farson (2019 champions), I think there were six, which is a lot when the team has 17 on the roster," Goodro said. "We were supposed to have 18 players, but someone couldn't make it."

He said it was interesting to be alongside players he had been opposing earlier in he season.

"The whole environment is entirely different," Goodro said. "You go against all those kids you actually played against your high school career and then you actually become a team where you get to see how these mentally and physically prepare for a game. It is actually mind boggling when you are going through it."

Goodro said when the team first formed in Casper, before heading off to Chadron, many players kept to themselves and were quiet.

He said after the first day, there was a difference in atmosphere as they all started practicing together.

"We really started bonding," Goodro said. "Us getting along had a lot to do with us winning the game."

The game was a genuine barn burner. It went back and forth and was not decided until the last seconds. Goodro said it was the sort of game every kid hopes to play as their last game.

"I started as the quarterback and sort of let the Farson kids run their offense," Goodro said. "I played the first quarter and then the next quarter and second half, I split my time with Lain (Mitchelson) from Farson ."

Mitchelson found Dontae Garza from Burlington from 45 yards out on the final play of the game, Wyoming beat Nebraska in the Six-man Shootout 52-50.

Goodro said the highlight of going to the shootout for him was Wyoming winning.

"It came down to the last 15 seconds. Nebraska had just come down and scored and 15 seconds was left," Goodro said. "I think the most energizing moment was when Lain saw Dante down the field all by himself and he bombed it down the field. Soon as Dante scored we just stormed the field."

Goodro said the game will be special because he went into it knowing it would be the last time he would ever play high school football.

"It was excellent to be playing with all the All State kids from Wyoming, plus we bonded and just had a good time," Goodro said. "We were actually calling ourselves a family. I made some good friends."

Goodro said he was a little worried he would not be able to play after tearing his meniscus in basketball this season.

"I knew this was going to be my last game and I guess I am a bit stubborn, so I elected to wait on surgery until this game was over," Goodro said. "I didn't want to miss playing."

The surgery is going to play havoc with his life soon.

"It all depends on how bad the tear is," Goodro said. "I didn't realize I had torn it until we were at State. I thought I had just tweaked it some."

Photo courtesy Tylor Goodro

The Wyoming team holds the Shootout trophy.

He said recovery from the operation's recovery time has been estimated to last from six to nine months.

Goodro said he made the right decision to play although there had been some concern about his knee.

"It all worked out," Goodro said.

Goodro said after the game he called his coach, Zack Scott, to thank him for all his support over the years.

"I wanted to thank him for how he shaped me into the man I am today," Goodro said. "And thank him for how I have come to learn the game of football."

He has some words of advice to players who want to be selected to the Six-man Shootout.

"You have to keep your heart in the system and keep pushing until you reach your maximum," Goodro said. "Never quit and always play to the whistle."


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