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Grant changes explained

Hanna Town Council hears CCCOG report, water usage, CCVC grant requirement changes


The Hanna Town Council met at 6 p.m. on Tuesday for their regularly scheduled meeting at the Hanna Town Hall.

All council members and mayor were in attendance.

The agenda and minutes from the May 14 meeting were approved in the first few minutes.

Council member Bob Patton gave a report on May 15 meeting of the Carbon County Council of Governments (CCCOG).

“There was a presentation on ICS (Incident Command System) and the guy knew his stuff,” Patton said. “I can tell you one thing, don’t have a disaster in your town.”

He said Jay Grabow from Rawlins pitched his vision of a visitor center for Carbon County located in Rawlins. Patton said Cindy Wallace told the CCCOG members there was another attempt to institute a wind tax. Patton said Wallace asked municipalities to write the legislature to oppose the tax.

Sammy Sikes, council member, said the High Country Joint Powers Board (HCJPB) went over the designs for the landfill’s convenience building that is being built for when the landfill closes. He said the landfill looks much better.

Public Works Director Larry Korkow said 71 Construction was finishing up work on the streets that had been put on hold since the winter weather set in. He said DEQ came in took samples from the lagoon and all was well. Korkow said there was an increase of water usage.

David Sutter, Chief Water Operator, confirmed water usage was up.

“We are using up to 180,000 to 190,000 gallons a day,” Sutter said. “Everything is going well.”

Craig Kopasz, Engineering Associates, said land that looked to be a problem to enter because it was owned Union Pacific actually was town property. He reiterated that 71 was finishing up their work.

Mayor Lois Buchanan told the audience a candidate for deputy was being offered the job tomorrow.

The Hanna Marshal, Jeff Neimark, said the department had received preliminary approval from Homeland Security in the amount of $11,295.00 for new car radios. Another preliminary amount from Homeland Security for cameras to be placed at the water treatment plant and recreation center totaled $16,387.

He said a utility pole damaged near the Hanna Elementary School had the accident recorded by video. The department was able to charge the offender using the surveillance tape.

The Recreation Board said the King Coal Days event on July 27 was the focus of the meeting on June 5. The council was told the Food Truck of the Rockies will be going to Medicine Bow on Friday instead of Hanna.

Buchanan said, in a report from South Central Wyoming Emergency Medical Services (SCWEMS), Irene Archibald from Encampment had been brought on board as bookkeeper for the organization.

The Cemetery Board said the Memorial services had gone well.

Carbon County Visitors Council (CCVC) Hanna representative Mike Armstrong informed the town council of new guidelines for approaching CCVC for grants. He explained the current system for funding events and then went into the changes.

An event has three years to come to CCVC for grants and afterwards, the event should be self sufficient. He explained CCVC gives out grants for the events in Carbon County with the idea of bringing more out-of-county and state people to stay overnight. If an event is a success, it doesn’t need the funds from CCVC after three years. If after three years an event is not a success, there is no reason to keep supporting a losing endeavor. This frees up funds to help new events that need to be incubated.

Another change is, in the summer, a grant has a cut off at $2,000 for support instead of $4,000. In winter time, an event can receive up to $4,000. This was done to give strong support for winter activities that are attempted by the different municipalities.

The Housing Board reported two units had been turned over and all was going well. The board is looking to fill one position.

Pam Paulson, from the museum board, told the council of Rocky Mountain Powers intention of building an interpretation center on the Lincoln Highway (see “Gassing the Lincoln” on page 20 of the June 12, 2019 Saratoga Sun).

“It is exciting,” Paulson said. “There are going to be a lot of artifacts put into the center.”

Ann Calvert, the town clerk, said the town was getting many phone calls about possible places to rent in town. She said anyone with a home to offer should leave their information at the town hall where it would be relayed to potential renters.

The reports from the boards and departments were approved and, immediately after, the financials were ratified.

Ordinance 382 was approved in its third reading. It is an ordinance amending chapter 2 section 02.05.010(A) that allows the municipal judge to be from another town.

Another ordinance had its third reading and was approved. Ordinance 383 designates the amount of general tax to be assessed, levied, collected for the fiscal year 2019-2020 on all taxable real and personal property within the town of Hanna.

A first reading of Ordinance 384 amending Title 6 Section 6.08.130 on kennels was held..

Paulson, town treasurer asked what had been changed.

“Practically everything was changed because there was no consistency. There were three different definitions,” Buchanan said.

“It breaks it down to what kennels actually are,” Calvert said.

“It talks about the size of the animals, it says they have to have their rabies shots, the size of the property,” Buchanan said. “A kennel is more than four dogs.”

The ordinance was approved, but fees for permits are still to be decided.

This does not apply to newborn puppies. Above six months, dogs must be registered and they would count.

After some discussion from the audience, the ordinance was approved.

The council approved a lease agreement between the town and Vista Beam. Vista Beam is the internet provider for the Hanna Recreation Center.

Jon Nelson, from North Fork Engineering, introduced an agreement between the Town of Hanna and his company.

“Basically it is a master service agreement, nothing project specific, it is an agreement that outlines how our relationship will work, if and when we do engage on a project,” Nelson explained. “It is not an exclusive agreement.”

The council approved the agreement.

Resolution 2019-509 was approved. It is a resolution approving the application to the Department of Justice for the Bullet Proof Vest Program Grant for the Marshal department.

The council approved a reallocation of funds for Dixon that is coming from CCCOG. All municipalities in CCCOG must agree for Dixon to get the funds.

Recreational Vehicles (RV) currently allow 30 days for parking. After discussing amongst the council and the audience, it was decided to table amending the current ordinance until more information was gathered.

The next scheduled town council meeting is at 6 p.m. on July 9 at Hanna Town Hall.


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