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By Stacy Crimmins
Saratoga-Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce 

Learning shouldn't stop


What have you learned today?

If you cannot answer that simple question, I suggest that you reflect upon your daily activities, your interactions with people, the challenges you faced and what successes you had.

As a business owner, I hope you can understand the importance of continuing education. I don’t necessarily mean a 10-week accounting class—I mean LEARNING. Without growth and education, you will be left behind. Isn’t that we told our kids when they were 16?

You don’t have time, you say? You will—when your business slowly loses its competitive edge, when the number of customers seems to dwindle; and probably when you least suspect it.

Watching a recorded video on YouTube, reading an online article, or attending the Chamber’s Leaders Luncheon are one-hour commitments. Even if you spend only ONE HOUR each month, that’s better than not at all. Isn’t that what the fitness experts tell us?

When you started this journey, didn’t you want to be the best? The most? The fastest? The most cost-effective? The largest? Isn’t that what you told yourself?

You owe it to yourself.

Working for you,

Stacy and Sierra


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