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Hanna saves water

Hanna Town Council hears 5th penny tax discussions, public works gearing up for winter, water use halved, delays in water project completion


October 17, 2018

The Hanna Town Council met at 6 p.m. on Oct. 9 at the Hanna Town Hall for their regular meeting. The minutes from Sept. 11 and the agenda for the evening were quickly approved. Council members Traci Fowler and Linda Schisel were absent.

Mayor Tony Poulos and council members Bob Patton and Pat Gregory were present to make a quorum.

Patton said the Carbon County Council of Governments meeting that was held in Hanna on Sept. 9 discussed the 5th Penny tax. Patton represented the town at the meeting.

Larry Korkow, public works director, said the town was gearing up for the change of seasons by getting the snow equipment ready.

David Sutter, Chief Water Operator, said the efforts to fix the pipes in Elmo were making impact on the water system.

“Last year at this time in October we were using close to 9 million (gallons) of water and this year it is around 4 million,” Sutter said. “We are down more than half and the water projects are making impact.”

Craig Kopasz, from Engineering Associates, told the council there was progress being made on getting the Elmo water project wrapped up. He said it was close to being completed. Kopasz apologized for the conditions on Madison Street. He said the weather had been hindering getting it done. The weather for the next couple days was not going to help, he said.

“I want to apologize to the council and the town about the roads, but we were scheduled to put the millings down on Monday, but the storm blew in and stopped our work,” Kopasz said. “The timing couldn’t be worse, but soon as this storm blows out of here in the next couple days, we will be working to get the roads fixed as soon as possible.”

He said everything to complete the roads was ready to go, but the ground had to be dry for the paving of the roads to be effective.

“From what I understand about the weather, the conditions are not going to be favorable until Monday,” Kopasz said. “But there is no getting around waiting for the weather to settle down because this has been a very wet storm.”

He said the contractor would try and keep the snow off the roads with covering as best as he could.

Jeff Neimark, Hanna Marshal said that an individual had been apprehended on Sept. 25 for being under the influence of alcohol and possible parole violations. The person had been reported to possibly having a bow and went missing for several hours early that morning. Neimark said he consulted Steve Priest, principal of Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow and it was decided to delay the school’s opening. Neimark said he contacted the Sheriff Department when the suspect’s car was missing. The suspect was apprehended on Interstate 80.

Neimark said a deer was killed by a citizen by a bow in town. Ryan Kennada, Elk Mountain game warden was contacted and Kennada issued a fine to the individual. Neimark said he informed the owner of the herd of cows that had been wandering in town had been told the situation could not continue. He told the owner citations would be given the cows continued to come into town.

Vivian Gonzales, Hanna Recreation Center Director said the problem of having the heat in the center would likely be resolved when contractors came out to fix the situation. She said due to some resignations, life guards were going to be needed.

After the reports were given by the boards, the council went into executive session to discuss the Old Town and Elmo water line project. When the council came out of the executive session, what was discussed was approved.

The council approved the 2019 Specific Purpose Tax Projects which include work on the streets and recreation center upgrades. The council approved the annual heating service agreement with Long Building Solutions.

Resolutiion 2018-493, amending the revenue and expenditures for the town for the fiscal year of July, 1 2017 through June 30 was approved. Ordinance 380 amending the annual liquor license fees and adopting the amended Wyoming State Liquor laws went through its first reading.

Groot Internet Services was granted a zoning variance to operate pending the lack of protest from neighbors in a one block radius around the property 201 North Harrison Street.

The town discussed putting forth new business license and procedure fees. The council is reviewing other towns’ fees.

The next scheduled meeting is at 6 p.m. on Nov. 13 at the Hanna Town Hall.


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