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Candidate withdrawal letter is read, public works projects are reported, clinic lease is discussed at Saratoga Town Council meeting


October 10, 2018

The Saratoga Town Council met at 6 p.m. on Oct. 2 at the Saratoga Town Hall. Council member Steve Wilcoxson was not present. The agenda and minutes from Sept.18 were approved as were financials in the amount of $180,226.46.

Candidate Withdrawal

Mayor Ed Glode read an election withdrawal letter from Kim Hytrek who decided, for personal reasons, to withdraw from the general election as town council candidate.

Correspondence from the Local Government Liability Pool board asked the town to put forth any nominations for a representative to that board. Glode said, at the moment, he did not have any candidate. Wyoming Community Gas needed a disbursement application filled out by Dec. 31 for the town to receive projected funds.

John Zeiger, Carbon County Emergency Management Coordinator, said there was an opportunity to apply for a Homeland Security Program grant.

Glode told the audience he had been told the Verizon tower would start to be worked on in January.

The Recreation Board is scheduled to meet on Oct. 8 and Councilman Richard Raymer will attend because, during the last few meetings, there has been no quorum. Raymer will go as the town’s representative to start making the board work, again.

Price Tribute

Raymer put out a tribute to resident Donnie Price who was recently killed in a car accident.

“Donnie served on the joint powers board for ten plus years and he did a lot of good things,” Raymer said. “His service is this Saturday (Oct. 6) at Veterans Island at 1 p.m.”

Police and Public Works

Police chief Robert Bifano had a candidate for a part-time police officer. The council approved hiring the officer.

Jon Winter, director of public works, said Carbon County Road and Bridge (CCRB) hauled roto-mill product to the pad area within the landfill and to the landfill itself. CCRB also hauled the roto-mill to 13th Street and completed approximately 2,100 feet of road surface.

The council approved $2,700 for Winter to purchase ice melt.

He said Union Telephone started their fiber optics project. Union bored a conduit from River Street to 4th and in the alley connecting Spring and Bridge Street.

Winter said Black Hills Energy will begin installing a new gas main in the alley between Rochester and Farm from 7th to 9th.

For Water and Sewer, Winter is interviewing candidates for operators.

The board approved Century Construction’s final pay estimate in the amount of $5,580.72. The Federal share is $125,565.98 and the State was $8,371.07. The council approved a grant application from Sage Engineering for snow removal equipment for the airport.

Clinic Lease

The preliminary discussion draft of the medical clinic lease agreement was read by Councilman Will Faust.

Raymer questioned the rent. The lease read that rent shoud be $1,000 per month. It also read if at any time the deposited funds exceed the sum of $15,000, lessee’s obligation to pay monthly rental payments hereunder will be suspended until such time as the balance of said fund is less than $15,000.

Glode went over section five which states that, in the event the lessee receives funding commitments from outside sources of at least $205,000 on or before the lease’s commencement, the lessee shall provide a full-time doctor of medicine or osteopathy assigned to the Corbett Medical Building through Dec. 31, 2019. Thereafter, the lessee shall continue to provide a full-time doctor of medicine or osteopathy each year so long as the lessee receives funding commitments from outside funding sources totaling at least $205,000 by Sept. 1.

“None of that language has been in our earlier leases,” Glode said.

Discussion went on about section five, parts of section four and three.

Bob Keel, Saratoga resident, candidate for town council and past physician assistant at the medical center, said $205,000 was reasonable. He added the language in section five, where it said the doctor was assigned to the Corbett Medical Building, didn’t make clear a person would be there physically.

“Contracts that I have witnessed being in the medical profession, if it is not spelled out, there can be liberties taken.” Keel said. “I would like to see the medical provider is working at the site.”

He said this was no reflection on HMS, LLC, the company taking over running the medical center in the near future.

Keel said the language had to be extremely clear and leave no gray areas.

“I am not sure why we have the $15,000 cap,” Raymer said. “Also, lets put a realistic number for the rent, because it is a huge asset.”

Keel asked, if the roof went bad, would the town be responsible. Raymer said the town would be responsible. Keel said he felt money should be put aside for situations like a bad roof.

“I understand wanting to get this off on the right foot,” Keel said. “But that not having funds set aside doesn’t seem sustainable.”

The council decided the lease needed to be reworked with clearer language and consider how the rent question should be addressed. Faust said he had the direction from all the comments made during the meeting to make the lease acceptable to all.

The next Saratoga Town Council meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Oct. 16 at Saratoga Town Hall.


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