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An apology with hope for a bright future for the clinic


October 3, 2018

Dear Editor,

In regard to my employment at the Platte Valley Medical Clinic:

Change is hard. For everyone. For those with significant medical needs it is particularly difficult to establish care with a new and unknown provider. Or in a new and unknown health care system. Having worked in nursing for the past 27 years, I have come to understand that change is the norm in health care. It is a constant that cannot be avoided. But it can be managed in ways that are helpful to those most impacted. Or, it can be mismanaged with the most important person in the system, the patient, left to fend for themselves. I have no doubt that many citizens in the valley feel that the second option has been chosen when it comes to Platte Valley Medical Clinic.

I submitted my resignation to Dr. Kaiser on September 18 with a 30-day notice. This notice was designed to give me an opportunity to notify my patients and to coordinate care for them while I transition to providing care through the incoming management company, HMS. I had originally planned to remain with Dr. Kaiser until he left, however the conditions at the clinic were becoming increasingly difficult and our wonderful support staff have been forced to seek more stable employment.

Without the supplies and personnel needed to provide quality care, I felt that I could best help the people of the valley by focusing on the clinic to come and do everything possible to ensure that we transition into a healthcare facility that will best meet the wide array of needs in our community. Unfortunately, I did not receive a response to my resignation until the afternoon of Sept. 28 and my resignation was accepted with immediate termination of my services. This leaves me unable to work with my patients and arrange for their needs while I am transitioning to the new management company. This is grossly unfair to you, the patient.

I regret the disruption that this causes for many of you that were relying on me during a difficult time in your lives. It was never my intent to leave you without any direction or provision for your care. It never crossed my mind that my resignation would be responded to in this way, so please forgive my lack of foresight and accept my heartfelt apology. I am working with HMS to be able to resume seeing patients as quickly as possible.

I am excited to be starting a new chapter of health care here in the Valley. I believe that we can, and will, design a clinic work flow that will be responsive to the community and to individuals that will seek our assistance. Transitions are never easy and often quite messy. This will be no exception. Rural health care provides many unique challenges. But I have been impressed with the knowledge and expertise that the HMS leaders have shown in my short time getting to know them.

I do believe that this company will provide the long-term guidance and problem-solving that we need to create a first-rate health care system that the Valley can be confident in and rely on. Providing accurate and up-to-date information for the public will be very important. I thank the Saratoga Sun in advance for partnering with HMS and myself in helping to disperse the most current information.

I am looking forward to many years of providing care to the people of the Platte Valley. There is nowhere that I would rather be. I am blessed by you all and will work diligently to return that blessing to this wonderful community.

Susan M. Foley, MS, FNP-C



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