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Cooley named Wyo. Realtor of the Year

Saratoga agent awarded state honor


September 26, 2018

Marcy Cooley is a total Carbon County girl, although in her early years, she was raised in Rock River. When her father told her the family was going to live in Encampment, Cooley was resistant. She considered the school a major rival. However, once settled in, she fell in love with the Valley.

In 1994, when Cooley was in her early 30's, she found herself wondering if she should make the leap into the real estate profession. She had taken part time jobs, but her focus was raising her kids.

Cooley said the reason she even considered it was that Bill and Judy Saulcy had seen her in action on the phones for republican candidates.

"I got a call from my father telling me that Bill wanted to talk to me and I figured it was about doing more phone calls, but instead he asked me if I ever thought about selling real estate," Cooley remembered. "I owe Bill and Judy a lot for their faith in me."

She said the Saulcys were not the only people in the office to whom she owes a debt of gratitude. Al Farley, who worked in the ERA office, paid for her classes. Richard Rakness, who is still at ERA, is another person Cooley said was supportive as she started out.

The Saulcys were correct in their assessment, because on her first day on the job, she sold a house.

"A couple came in and Richard told me to show them a house and the next thing I know, I have to write a contract, which I didn't know how to do, but again I got help from everyone at ERA." Cooley said. "It was a great start, because some realtors wait weeks, months even a year to get their commission."

She said it was a confidence booster not only because it showed she had what it took to be a realtor, but the sale solidified she could make a living. As Cooley was about to become a single mother, this was extremely important to her.

Her can-do spirit was tested on another early sale. A couple was getting a divorce so their house went on the market. The wife had relinquished her rights and Cooley had the house sold with the new owner moving in on the day of the signing. At the last minute, the wife said she had been under duress when she said she wanted nothing and then did.

Marcy said she got into contact with the husband and told him he had to come up with a figure for his wife because the buyer had driven from out of state to start moving in. She told him there was no turning back. Her actions and words worked. The house went to settlement and the buyer never really knew how close she had come to not having a key that day.

Cooley said although the Saulcys were only her bosses for two years, both were mentors-although not the only ones.

When the Saulcys shut down, Lori Forster, who also worked for ERA, opened Town and Country Realty and the staff followed her.

Cooley has been with Town and Country many years, although she did work for ERA under Andrea Shepard where she managed the office in Saratoga for four years.

Cooley has only good things to say about Shepard, but she said Town and Country was like her family and found herself back working for Forster.

"Mary (Martin) is there and I honestly can't do without her," Cooley said. "Mary has everything ready for me when a house is sold because she is totally detailed oriented and I am less so. This honor probably would not have happened if not for Mary filling out the nomination form."

The Saulcys were involved with the state realtor boards, which inspired Cooley, but it was Lori Urberkite that set her on the path to be involved with state boards.

"Lori got me started at the state level early," Cooley said. "She got me involved in some committees and doing some things statewide. She has held many positions at the state, and even national, level."

Urberkite made her mark on Cooley who eventually got more involved in state and Carbon County boards.

Cooley was active in the Carbon County Board of Realtors and served in every board position, including president, which she is currently doing again. The first time was in 2000. She served as the Multiple Listing chair through 2007-2008 and then again in 2017. She has been the WYPAC/RPAC fundraising chair in 2003-2004 and 2012.

"I put in a lot of time, so I did take a break for a while," Cooley said.

However, she missed the involvement and came back to be elected Carbon County Board of Realtors president for the current year.

Cooley was honored this year when she won Carbon County Realtor of the year, but she had zero expectation to get Wyoming Realtor of the Year. Cooley has been strong about following rules and regulations for the board to be effective. Her work was noticed by the state.

"I had absolutely no idea I would be selected and I had no acceptance speech ready," Cooley said. "I was actually taking a drink and when they called out my name, I spit out the ice and liquid on the table."

Cooley said in the background, she heard a person hooping and hollering, but it was not until later did she find out it was Urberkite.

"I had no speech prepared, but I remember thinking how I knew Judy, my mom and my father were looking down and seeing this all and were happy," Cooley said.

"In my world, there isn't any bigger honor," Cooley said. "I have worked with wonderful brokers and Lori (Urberkite) helped me so much. All are good friends."

Cooley said the lesson to be gleaned from her winning the honor is that a person should not be scared to try something different when they are facing a crossroads in life that entails risk.

"This honor was validating," Cooley concluded.

She will go to Boston in early November to attend the National Realtor awards. She will be carrying the Wyoming flag across the stage when they announce her name.


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