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Bridge to bunkers

Bridge Street Bargains begins bunker gear fundraising challenge


September 5, 2018

The Saratoga Volunteer Fire Department informed the Town of Saratoga back in April during one of several budget session that much of their gear no longer is sufficiently up to current codes. Since then, the SVFD has been looking for ways to raise money to begin purchasing gear for the 32 members of the department.

Enter the ladies of Bridge Street Bargains (BSB). Following the Saratoga Forest Management sawmill fire, BSB donated $1,000 to all the surrounding fire departments including SVFD. According to Carol Beach, however, Brad Cary approached her after the initial donation and informed her of the dilemma facing the volunteer fire department.

Beach informed Cary that the SVFD could apply for a grant through BSB for the estimated cost of a set of bunker gear—$6,400. Following that conversation, according to Beach, the other women involved in BSB came up with the idea of doing a fund drive.

“Let’s challenge the people in Saratoga to donate up to $6,400 and for every dollar donated, we would match it,” said Beach.

The ladies of BSB, armed with the idea, reached out to former art teacher Linda Fisher-Perue to create a meter that would track the amount of donations made to the SVFD. Beach has high hopes for the project, believing it possible to be able to acquire 10 sets of bunker gear within a year.

As of now, there is an open-ended deadline for the fundraising effort on behalf of the SVFD. Beach encourages anyone who would like to donate to the SVFD and take part in this program to drop their donation off, in an envelope, at Bridge Street Bargains. Checks should be made payable to the SVFD.


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