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Losing a listener


August 15, 2018


My heart is heavy with sadness as I compose this letter. I think the powers that be could have been more sensitive and forth coming to the public with our health care provider issues instead of the way it was handled. However righteous you may have wanted it to be, in the end, you treated us as school children and left us feeling something shady was done.

I am publicly mourning the loss of a great doctor this little Valley was blessed with, Dr. Brian Kaiser. For the very short time he was here he made a huge improvement to so many patients medical outcomes. Patients whose only problems were they weren’t being listened to and asked questions about their everyday life. Patients who did not realize that some of their meds, when the dose was too high, could cause headaches, dehydration and more serious outcomes. It sounds so simple but this practice of asking questions and listening no longer factors into todays medical practice where every minute needs a code to bill for.

Dr. Kaiser took the time to get to know his patients and their condition. Often simply changing the old standard regime of meds by perhaps reducing the dosage or changing them all together resulted in a better wellbeing. I feel Dr. Kaiser saved my life earlier this year when abnormalities occurred while I was under the care of “specialists” who just did not listen to me and were treating me for ailments I did not have. I am not the only patient Dr. Kaiser has helped. There are many of us, young and old.

It is worrisome that a better plan is not in place for our medical care on October 1st. Promising a CAH further down the road without a time frame given leaves me apprehensive. I, for one, have already made plans to follow Dr. Kaiser where ever he goes because I know as his patient he will do his best or know who to refer me to.

Moving forward I pray the powers that be have not outsmarted themselves because we will all pay a heavy price.

Lynda Healey,



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