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Few like him


August 15, 2018

Dear Editor and readership:

In my years living in this Valley and elsewhere, which includes several working in administration at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, I have encountered few physicians like Dr. Bryan Kaiser. His combination of attention to current research, and to patient input, and sheer will to find solutions to patients’ problems is uncommon and to be respected and treasured.

He has made a tremendous impact for the better on many residents’ lives in the short time that he has been here, with a genuine interest in diagnosis and a particular interest in ongoing health trends within this Valley that deserves to be rewarded with our continued support, respect and perhaps a better welcome to this community than he has been receiving.

I think that, given his determination and general outlook and willingness to dig deep in his problem-solving he could not only have a lasting and positive impact on our citizens as patients, but could become a valuable and dependable member of this community as well.

Has the transition from the previous administration to his been a little rocky? Unquestionably. But change always is. We’ve been weathering it, to our net benefit. I hate to see the possibility that we have done so for naught, and that we’re letting perceived issues that have little to do with our health as individuals and as a community lead us to rush to the next new shiny thing based on—what, exactly? What have we been promised that will be so much better than a doctor who has already invested time, care and resources here and who has proven to be such an excellent caregiver?

Are we even getting a doctor in this new arrangement?

I, for one, would be devastated to see him go. So, let’s maybe reconsider before we make a long-term mistake for the short-term gain of, again, I ask, what exactly?


Kate Sherrod,



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