Weather a factor at State track ... again

Weather delays and moved, rescheduled events fail to dim CCSD No. 2 athlete's spirits as they bring home medals for their schools


Keith McLendon

The sky was clear Friday morning as Paige Powell took 1st in the Girls Triple Jump.

As has happened in the past, the often unpredictable Wyoming weather made itself felt around the Harry Geldien Stadium at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper during the annual State track competition, but student athletes from Carbon County School District (CCSD) No. 2 did not let that dampen their spirits. Instead, CCSD No. 2 athletes would return to their schools with a combined 54 medals. Two CCSD No. 2 teams even ended up placing in the top five of the state for the 1A classification. The Encampment Lady Tigers came home having earned 3rd place and the Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow (HEM) Miners came home with 4th.

During last year's State Track snow played a part in delaying and rescheduling events.

This year it was rain.

Thursday seemed ideal for a track meet. Friday also began with a cloudless blue sky. As afternoon approached, however, storm clouds moved in and activities were suspended twice-once due to the threat of lightning and later due to actual lightning strikes relatively close to the campus. Student athletes were moved into the Kelly Walsh High School gym both times to wait out delays of about 45 minutes apiece.

Eventually the threat abated and Friday's events were run-albeit at much later times.

Saturday began as a drizzly mess and remained that way for most of the day but announcers told those assembled that races would be run on schedule with the exception of a few events.

One of the events affected was the Girls High Jump, which was moved from 9 a.m. on the track's infield to 10:30 a.m. at the campus' indoor track facility. From there the event went as well as could be expected-though at the same time as other events.

As the weekend concluded, the hopes of some seniors would be dampened as they were unable to attain the goals they had set for themselves. Some underclassmen, however, would set their sights higher for the years to come. Saratoga went home with 18 medals, Encampment with 19 medals and HEM with 17 medals.

For some, there was always next year while for others their time on a high school track was at an end.

For CCSD No. 2, every athlete present could go home knowing they gave it their all at the State level.

Keith McLendon

As Friday progressed clouds moved in and a thunderstorm began. The activities were delayed twice due to lightning in the area. In this photo participants and coaches begin to move to the Kelly Walsh High School gym for safety.


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