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York takes action

Encampment graduate, now principal, gets tip about planned school shooting, helps apprehend student.


In 1992, Kyle York graduated from Encampment High School and originally attended college with the intention to major in mechanical engineering. Instead, he changed his major to math after spending time coaching kids while in college and went into education. Now, 26 years after having graduated from Encampment, he is the principal at Moffat County High School in Craig, Colo. and parents can be assured he takes his students’ safety very seriously.

Friday, April 20, marked 19 years since the Columbine High School Massacre and school walkouts had been planned in observance of the anniversary. On the night of Wednesday, April 18, York received a tip from a parent whose child was allegedly planning a school shooting for that Friday. As reported by the Craig Daily Press, York received an email at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday from the parent with a note attached that was allegedly written by the student.

“Immediately after reading it I got ahold the school resource officer (SRO),” said York.

Thursday morning, York and the SRO arrived at the home of the student and apprehended the student before school even began.

“There was nothing for any of our kids or teachers or staff to worry about because I had received the tip,” York said, “basically it was a letter that this student had wrote, and one of his parents had forwarded that note to me.”

Thursday, the school informed parents of the planned threat and that it had been addressed. The next day, Friday, school attendance was low as students were kept home from school by their parents according to York. After the weekend had passed and Monday arrived, however, a sense of normalcy began returned to the school.

“I had a very good relationship with the parent that forwarded me the information and I think that was key, having that good relationship where they felt comfortable enough with how I was going take care of the situation,” said York.


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