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HEM has two good meets


April 18, 2018

The Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow (HEM) High School track team had good meets last week according to head coach Jackie Jones.

“Last week was a good one for the HEM track,” Jones said. “Our athletes were able to compete against good competition, and proved themselves in Wheatland and Rock Springs.”

After 34 events in Wheatland, HEM came in 2nd. The girls team placed second with 96 points and the boys team came in 3rd with 98 points.

At the Wheatland meet on April 11, Shane McGraw and Amy Campbell both placed 2nd in the long jump. Jessica Nelsen came 3rd and Taylor Scott came in 6th in the girls triple jump. Shane McGraw came in second for the boys triple jump and Devon Grosstick placed 6th. Conor McGraw came in 3rd on the boys high jump. Tylor Goodro was 5th in boys shot put and also boys discus.

Conor McGraw came in 1st in the 110 meter race and 2nd in the 100 meter. Shane McGraw placed 4th.

In the girls 100 meter, Scott came in 1st and Amy Campbell followed her with 2nd. In the girls 200 meter race, Scott came in 2nd and Amy Campbell followed with 3rd. In the 300 meter hurdle, Conor McGraw came in 2nd.

Scott came in 1st for the girls 400 meter and Nelsen placed 4th and Taylee Widdison came in 5th. Grosstick came in 7th in the boys 400 meter.

For the girls 800 meter, Madison Campbell came in 1st.

In the boys 800 meter race the boys team took three of the top four spots with Shane McGraw winning, Kyle Solaas coming in 2nd and Taylor Widdison placing 4th. Josh Lee came in 8th.

In the girls 1600 meter, Sabrina Geller came in 5th and Haley Felton came in 6th. In the boys 1600 meter, Taylor Widdison placed 2nd and Grosstick came in 7th.

“Several more athletes met prequalification marks and times at the meets,” Jones said.

“Shane McGraw qualified in the 200, 400, and the triple jump, Amy Campbell added the 100 to her list and Tylor Goodro qualified in the discus.”

Saturday at Rock Springs, the Miners had another good meet. Both girls and boys teams placed 4th and with a combined total of 99 points they came in 5th as a team.

The girls team 100 meter had Scott place 2nd and Amy Campbell come in 3rd. The boys 100 meter Conor McGraw came in 6th. In the boys 110 hurdle meter race, Conor McGraw came in 4th. In the boys 200 meter race, Shane McGraw came in 4th. In the girls 200 meter, Scott came in 3rd and Amy Campbell came in 4th. Conor McGraw placed 4th in the boys 300 meter hurdles. Madison Campbell came in 7th for the girls 300 meter hurdle. The 400 meter race had Shane McGraw place 1st. The girls team had Scott come in 3rd for the 400 meter race.

In the girls 4x800 meter relay, Nelsen, Taylee Widdison, Geller and Felton came in 4th. The boys team of Lee, Solaas, Basil Phillips and Taylor Widdison also placed 4th in the 4x800 meter relay.

The boys long jump had Shane McGraw place 6th. Amy Campbell came in 7th in the girls long jump. The girls high jump, Madison Campbell came in 3rd. Shane McGraw came in 5th in the boys triple jump. Tylor Goodro came in 8th in the boys shot put and 6th in the boys discus.

“The girls 4x800 team, Jessica Nelsen, Taylee Widdison, Sabrina Geller and Haley Felton met a qualifying time,” Jones said. “The effort of the kids was very evident, and we are looking to push ourselves even more in the weeks leading to regionals.”

The next scheduled meet for HEM track is the Kaycee Twilight on April 20.


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