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The game of “Saratoga” will be played at the Wyoming open for several events. Here are the rules so you can familiarize yourself with the game.


March 28, 2018

The game “Saratoga” is a hybrid of 8-Ball and 9-Ball with a rotation of solids/stipes. You have either solids or stripes, but you must shoot them in rotational order from lowest number to highest number.

The game is played with 6 solids (1-6), 6 stripes (1-6), and the winning black ball.

• Run solids or stripes IN ORDER, then pocket the black ball to win

• You have to hit lowest ball of your kind first (lowest of either one if open table)

• Legal shots are as we are used to in order “ball-in-hand” leagues

• This is a called pocket game

• Cue ball fouls only

• Rack: either yellow (1) ball in front/black ball in middle

• Opposite balls (one stripe/one solid) on outside of 4th row

• Have to hit the head ball first on the break

• No matter what is made on the break, it is open table. There is a push out option.

• Black ball is not neutral on an open table

• There is no “kitchen” after foul on break, it is ball in hand anywhere

• Black ball on the break is a spot or re-rack

• Third consecutive fouls is NOT a loss

• Legal slop shots are loss of turn, however, opponent has to option to give the shot back.

• When table is open–OK to combo one of the lowest ball into the other kind of balls, then you have established the pocketed ball as your type for the game.

• Legal shot but only thing pocketed is opponents ball, loss of turn, not ball in hand.

• A standard set of pool balls may be used, just play without the 7 and 15.


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