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Big WYO winners show big hearts

Campbells return from honor, find and aid accident victim


Joshua Wood

The wrecked car rests on the plains north of Saratoga Thursday morning.

Doug and Kathy Campbell were coming back from Cheyenne on Wednesday evening after being honored the Big WYO Award for tourism the night before, when they saw a vehicle off the side of the road.

"I think it was about 10:30 p.m. when I saw some flashing lights so we pulled over," said Doug.

There was a young man from Rawlins who had left Saratoga earlier after enjoying the Hobo pools and had gone off the road to avoid hitting a deer.

Joshua Wood

A trail of vehicle parts and a downed telephone pole lead to the wrecked vehicle.

"The kid dodged a deer, went through a fence and took out a power pole," Doug said. "He was lucky."

"He was icy cold because I had touched him," Kathy said. "He said that he had been there an hour and that nobody had stopped."

Kathy said the man had been in shorts so she wrapped him in two blankets.

"He said when he hit that pole, it sparked and caused a little fire," Kathy said. "He was lucky that the fire didn't go to the car."

The Campbells said they think the driver was starting to go into shock, so after they wrapped in blankets they got him in the front seat of their truck with the heater and got him to Saratoga.

The car was towed away later Thursday-removing all evidence of the accident and the Campbells' act of kindness to a stranger.


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