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January 31, 2018

You may notice the Saratoga Sun recently won a few awards for last year’s work.

As a matter of fact, we picked up 20 Pacemaker awards which garnered us the Sweepstakes Trophy for most Pacemakers earned.

We could not have done this without you.

Several of the stories which won awards would not have been printed without someone letting us know that an event was happening.

We picked up a first place Outdoor/Environmental Reporting award because the Elk Mountain Senior Game Warden alerted us to the fact he was on the lookout for Chronic Wasting Disease, and an alert Hanna resident also told us some longtime landmarks were being removed.

Another example is the Education Reporting award we won. These Encampment School events were only written because educators at that school let us know something special was going on.

We are interested in these narratives.

Not because they win us awards, but because we strive to cover our communities to the fullest extent that we are able.

It also makes our job more enjoyable when we can write with passion or involvement on an unusual occurrence. That enjoyment translates into a well-written article which often means awards.

Aside from awards, the Sun only knew about the effort to help out wildfire-devastated Kansas ranchers by sending a truckload of cows to them because we got a tip from someone who thought that was a worthwhile story.

It was, and we were happy to publish it.

We are blessed to live in an area with compelling features and people.

Because of that, there are engrossing tales to be told.

If you happen to be privy to a engaging or amusing upcoming happening, please let us know.

While we cannot promise to cover every lead, we are most certainly pleased when we are notified about one.

The way our newspaper works the best is when teachers, officials or just regular citizens let us know when something is going on so we can inform the rest of the community.

We, at the Sun, urge you to become involved in the process and thank you when you do.


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