Glode to retire from commissioner post

Carbon County Commissioner decides to retire, spend time with family


January 17, 2018

Photo courtesy of Lindy Glode

"My husband, Mike, and I decided a few months ago we wanted to go to Arizona for the month of February," Lindy Glode, Carbon County Commissioner, said. "And my intention was we would come back a couple times and any meetings I could not be present, I would call in."

Glode said as February drew closer she started to have doubts about being away from the County for an extended time.

"I decided it was just better for me to retire once and for all, because I really did feel it wouldn't be right if I was gone for so long," Glode said. "Plus I don't think it is a bad thing for someone else to get their feet wet before the election in 2018."

She is confident the Republican Central Committee will present three good candidates for the Carbon County Commissioners to choose from.

"I just wish whoever is picked well," Glode said.

The Carbon County Commissioners contacted made it clear they will miss Glode:

"I really enjoyed working with Lindy the past five years and she gave me insight on many aspects," commissioner John Espy said. "I loved her sense of humor and she is really going to missed."

"It has been an honor and privilege to work with Lindy on the County Commission. She was very dedicated in her service to the citizens of Carbon County, both as District Court Clerk and County Commissioner," commissioner Sue Jones, said. "Lindy was very thoughtful in her decision making and was always accessible to her constituents. I consider Lindy a dear friend and wish her all the best in retirement. It has been a very enjoyable time for me serving with Lindy on the Carbon County Commission."

"Lindy has grown in her job as commissioner in a strong and positive way. She was selected by the County Commissioners Association as a leader and has been appointed on a national committee to represent them," commissioner Leo Chapman said. "She is a person who tries to find solutions to the problems that affront us on a regular basis, and takes her job very seriously. We have been lucky to have her working with us as a conscientious commissioner," He concluded, " I wish her and Mike a wonderful retirement and know they will enjoy the things that they encounter along the way."

Glode also had positive things to say about her fellow commissioners.

"Hats off to this commission because they work so hard," Glode said. "Every one of them brings some knowledge to the table."

Glode said she has been a witness to many commissioners during her 20 years as Clerk of District Court and this is why she can say the group she worked with are outstanding.

While Glode was Clerk of District Court, she helped bring the modern age to the position.

"I am proud of what I did there," Glode said. "I helped develop software for the office computers and I was the first Clerk of District Court office in the state to have an electronic filing system."

She retired in 2011 from her job as Clerk of District Court. Glode found she didn't like being retired and since she cared deeply for Carbon County and it's citizens, she felt she had something to offer as a County Commissioner.

Before running for Carbon County Commissioner, Glode had been elected five times as Clerk of the District Court.

Carbon County residents agreed she had done a good job there and elected her twice to the commissioner position.

"I would like to say, I saw the board of County Commissioners when it was three [representatives] and then I have been on the first board of five when it changed in 2013," Glode said. "I have to say with five, there is so much more discussion, so many ideas and knowledge brought to the table."

Glode said anyone wanting the commissioners job should know it consumes a tremendous amount of work and time.

"I really respect the sitting commissioners because they really do work very hard," Glode said. "The key is a commissioner has to be a good person and I have watched people in this position get a big head and not listen to people and that is not what it is all about. You need to serve."

She stresses being county commissioner is about being fair to everyone and all communities.

Glode is homegrown Carbon County. She grew up in Sinclair and later lived in Rawlins where she finished school. She went away for a short time before returning to Sinclair then moved to Rawlins where she lived for a decade. About 12 years ago she moved from Rawlins to Saratoga.

She admits Mike Glode, her husband, is how she came to Saratoga.

"I met Mike about 14 years ago and we have been married going on 12 years," Glode said. "Mike and I have waited to travel the way we want to, but because of my responsibilities we held off on a lot and now it feels good to know finally we can."

It is not only the commissioners who will miss Glode.

"I will miss Lindy's sense of humor and contagious laugh, as well as her upstanding representation, commitment and love of Carbon County and its municipalities," Marla Brown, City Clerk of Rawlins said.

Glode will also have to resign from being Vice Chair of the Carbon County Council of Governments because to be a voting member, one has to be an elected official. Her commissioner resignation will take that status away.

Governor Mead appointed her to the Public Safety Commission where she represents county government. She admits that position will be hard to leave.

"That is really going to be hard to leave because it has been so rewarding, but you have to be a county commissioner to be involved," Glode explained. "It's been bittersweet this past week, getting emails from around the state telling me they are sorry I am retiring ."

She said what she will miss the most is the people she worked side by side with, even though she will stay in contact with many.

"I admire Lindy's two plus decades of dedication to the county and how much she cares about her constituents," Carbon County Clerk Gwynn Bartlett said. "She cares deeply about the people of Carbon County and always greatly considers them in her decision making."

"I feel fortunate that I got to finish my working years as a County Commissioner," Glode concluded "I tried to do a good and fair job and I am leaving on a positive note, but now it is time for me to improve my golf game."


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