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Bleeding for four

Your donation to Nov. 7 blood drive can help up to four people


The Saratoga Council of Catholic Women is sponsoring a community blood drive from noon until 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017 at St. Ann’s Parish Hall.

According to the United Blood Services, more people would donate if only they knew the importance of blood. Doctors use blood only for one reason: to sustain life. And, there is no substitute for blood. It cannot be manufactured. It is the ‘gift of life’ that only human beings can give to one another.

“Blood donors save lives,” organizer Val Larscheid said. “Several of them, in fact, because each donation can be separated into different components: red blood cells, used by surgical patients; plasma, given to those who have suffered burns or trauma; platelets, often needed by patients with cancer; and cryoprecipitate, a special blood clotting factor used to help people with hemophilia. Your one donation can help as many as four patients.”

Some other

statistics and facts:

S Five hundred people a week are needed to donate blood to serve the 47 area hospitals in this region.

S Each year, more than 4 million Americans depend on blood transfusions. The only source of blood for these patients in area hospitals are volunteer blood donors.

S One out of every 3 people will need blood during their lives, but only one in 20 people regularly give blood.

S The human body averages 8-11 pints of blood; it’s easy to spare one.

S Blood can only be stored on hospital shelves for 42 days and every 3 seconds someone needs a blood transfusion.

S Area blood centers are in need of all blood types, but especially O negative, B negative and A negative. Donors with these blood types are highly encouraged to donate during this drive.

Before you come

Blood donors must be at least 16 years of age and weigh at least 110 pounds. Parental consent is required for anyone 16 or 17 years of age. Donors must bring with them identification containing their legal name and one of the following: date of birth, social security number, United Blood Services assigned donor number or a photo ID. Donors also need to bring a list of the medications that they are currently taking. It is very helpful for donors to drink plenty of water and eat well the 24 hours before they come to donate.

The main reason people don’t donate blood is because no one has asked them. Please consider this a personal invitation to donate at the Saratoga Community Blood Drive – it’s simple, there is little, if any, pain and it is one of the most important, rewarding and compassionate acts of service a person can do.

United Blood Services donors can now complete their health history questionnaire on the day of their donation, which can reduce the in-person interview to only a few essential follow-up questions. Simple instructions can be found via the “Health History Questionnaire” link on the United Blood Services website Donors who schedule their appointment online will receive a link to the questionnaire in their appointment reminder email before the blood drive.

Donors will also be entered in a drawing to win a trip for two to Mexico!

To make an appointment to donate, visit (sponsor code is “toga”) or call Larscheid at 326-8603 or 321-8865.


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