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Another take on racism



In response to Mr. Armstrong.

There are so many things to talk about in your editorial, so many. I start by mentioning how very sad it is that we have an entire generation now that believe public policy and even history should be written or written according to out “feelings”.

Life is not kind. It can be very tough and it is rarely if ever fair. Revising history, ignoring our past or trying to eliminate parts of it entirely will not change it and serves merely to ensure that we do not learn from our or others history.

The vast majority of soldiers serving in the Civil War did not fight because of strong beliefs about slavery one way or the other. They fought either to preserve the union or to insure states rights. In fact, after the Emancipation Proclamation desertions in the union army increased dramatically for a period of time because they did not enlist to free slaves but to save the union.

Robert E. Lee still stands as one of the finest generals in American history. Although he personally detested slavery he rejected Pres. Lincolns request to lead the Union troops because of a deep belief in states rights and a love of his home state of Virginia. He did not divide the country, ideology did that. Taking down statues will not change that.

One thing you did not seem to notice is your travels, though you did mention your own experience, is the incredible levels of racism in nearly every corner of the world. In fact the US doesn’t hold a candle in the category of hatred. I have a feeling if you really want to reduce perceived racism in our great country, perhaps not mentioning it in very single conversation would help. If race truly doesn’t matter; then why bring it up? While you’re at it, try taking race questions off of every government form.

We will be far better off when our younger generations grow a back bone and begin to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Seeking safe spaces, silencing opposition speakers, looting and rioting, revising and eliminating history, all in the name of “fairness and equality”, makes no logical sense at all.

Rusty Rogers

Saratoga, WY


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