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Transfer stations pass

Both Valley transfer stations complete inspections


On September 6 at 7 p.m. the Upper Platte River Solid Waste District (UPRSWD) board met at the Encampment Library to discuss letters sent by Joel Frost, Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) on inspections he did at the Saratoga Transfer Station and the Encampment Transfer station in mid August.

The beginning of the meeting the board received an itemized bill from MPM for operating the transfer station and transporting garbage to Laramie. This is the first billing of this type and the board tabled it until next month so the board could study the bill in more depth and get the check prepared.

The Saratoga Landfill had compliance on inspections from Frost of the DEQ on August 11 and the Encampment Transfer Station was inspected on August 15. Frost sent the board letters affirming everything was in order at both locations except they could not find a copy of the permit application and permit at the Saratoga location. While it was onsite it has since been made easier for the attendant to have access to it. There were no issues outside of that.

After site reports the board discussed the ongoing permitting process for the construction demoliton (CD) pit. While digging test holes, Craig Kopasz, from Engineering Associates, reported they had discovered a rock out cropping that appears it could impact the current layout for future CD pits. The board discussed both the feasibility of digging through the rock and/or rearranging the pits to avoid the outcropping.

The rains in August exposed some drainage problems around the new building at the Saratoga transfer station and there was discussion as to how to handle the situation. An onsite inspection will be scheduled to discuss options.

The next UPRSWD board meeting will be at the Saratoga town hall on October 4 at 7 p.m.


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