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Caroline Morrison moved to Saratoga a year ago when her husband, Tyler, got a job with the Bureau of Land Management in Rawlins.

At the time she was eager to put her civil engineering background to work and among the places she applied was Engineering Associates (EA) in Saratoga. EA didn’t have an opening at the time, so she and her husband embarked on another creative endeavor; their child Marie.

Marie was only about seven weeks old when EA called with a job offer.

Caroline took the job, but can only work part time until Marie is old enough for day care. Currently she is working with EA building a source water protection plan for the city of Rawlins in the Sage Creek Basin.

The basin is the source of Rawlins’ water supply and the area is crisscrossed with wooden stave pipelines that connect 24 springs to a central location for delivery to the town.

The wooden pipeline was built in the 1920s and originally carried a design life of 90 years. While the gravity fed operation still works well, landowners in the area have, or will have, the opportunity to host mineral exploration and energy extraction. These are the people Morrison has been talking to in an effort to make sure the water supply is protected.

Morrison is happy to put her civil engineering experience to work. Morrison has both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s from the Colorado School of Mines and has done extensive work with contractors, municipalities and the government. Highlights of her career include supervising blasting done to connect a water supply pipeline in New York and work in the same capacity at the Lake Mead pipelines known as the “Three Straws” in Nevada.

The EA staff are happy to have added Morrison to their team and office manager Karl Smith says he expects Morrison to be a profitable addition to the company.


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