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Filming a 'Little' documentary


A documentary film crew made a stop in Saratoga Friday in pursuit of cowboy poet and Saratoga cowboy Daron Little.

According to producer of the film, Mike Day of Intrepid Cinema, the crew has been keeping up with Little for just about a year, with filming having started in November 2016. The crew followed Little into Saratoga last year, and this time the three-person film crew wound up following the local cowboy poet into Valley Foods.

The documentary explores cowboy poetry, Day said.

The crew and Little were on their way to a cowboy poetry event in Texas before the stop at Valley Foods for supplies for the road, he said.

According to his web page, Little is a cowboy at the TA Ranch north of Saratoga and an award winning Western vocalist, receiving the top male vocalist award from the Academy of Western Artists in 2009.

Little has published three albums, “The Faraway Look,” “Ranch Cowboy Music” and “307.”

Day, originally from Scotland, is the director of two documentary films, “The Guga Hunters of Ness” and “The Islands and the Whales” according to IMDB. He also received a cinematographer credit for the British Broadcasting Company’s “Coast,” a TV documentary series.

The film will likely premiere early next year, Day said. Day added he was not sure where the film would be released, but said he would like to hold a screening in Saratoga when the film is released.


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