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A pre-rant rant


I got more response about my last column “Goodbye Saratoga” than I ever have for something I have written.

While I feel I have penned things worthier of comment, I have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of community support I have received for my prankish endeavor.

I have gotten emails from town and county officials letting me know they are happy I am remaining with the Sun.

That floored me on its own.

I got other emails expressing the same sentiment too though.

A lot of people have stopped me and told me they are glad I’m not leaving.

Talk about warm and fuzzy feelings!

Then there were the people who wanted to yell at me.

Things were said along the lines of, “We just got you trained … and you’re LEAVING?”

Of course those were met with a smile and a “You didn’t read the whole article did you?”

Usually that got a sheepish “No.”

The funniest thing I got was two people who came up to say something to me and the first one had the “mad leaving thing” comment.

I had to laugh when the second one turned to the first and gave them my response.

All this gives me a certainty that I did, indeed, make the correct choice.

Thank you all.


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