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New landfill rates take effect Aug. 1


The Upper Platte River Solid Waste Disposal District (UPRSWDD) board convened Wednesday at the Encampment Library to approve the new rates for fees of the Saratoga Transfer Station at the landfill and approve the third reading of the budget for 2017/2018.

Balers for the transfer station are being delivered on June 13 and will be operational the next day. Two loads of iron are building up in Encampment and removal in a timely fashion was deliberated.

The board continues to consider using the landfill in Hanna to help with their fill quota cap for a 2020 closing. Ron Munson, owner of MPM, which is contracted to run the landfill in Saratoga, will be in touch with Leonard Gonzales of the Hanna landfill board to see if taking waste to the Hanna site is feasible.

Sue Jones, board member, suggested with the new equipment and rates, an open house at the landfill might be warranted. The board decided to look at using social media to ask the public if an open house would be attended if put forth.

Randy Raymer, chairman of the board, suggested to the board the new rates for fees be implemented on August 1 instead of July 1, to give the public a chance to understand the new monetary schedule. The board approved the new rates and starting on Aug 1. The third and final reading of the budget was approved.

The next UPRSWDD board meeting will be 7 p.m. August 2 at Saratoga Town Hall.


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